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An EPIC control engineer conducts FAT on an industrial automation system

Three Modular Pilot Plants We Process Engineered the Specs Out Of

Projects where we get to nerd out on process engineering are the best. We love engineering like a boss, especially with projects where we get exposed to a new technology or approach. In reviewing the modular pilot plants & process systems that really got us going this year, three projects stood out: Modular Pilot Plant […]

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biofuel pilot plant

Pilot Plant Cost Factors

EPIC is your one stop shop for pilot plant design, fabrication, integration, and word has gotten out. We have been experiencing an increased amount of inquiry’s with questions around our pilot plant capabilities and the cost associated with pilot plants. In response to the recent increases we’ve developed a few new resources to help iron out […]

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completed pilot plant designed by EPIC

Pilot Plant Design Steps

Want to build a pilot plant to test process technology, but not sure how to get started? What does a pilot plant cost? What steps are involved? The steps of pilot plant design are outlined in the slideshare below. The six basic steps are: Consultation with a professional process engineering company Design – creating process […]

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Distillation Pilot Plant System for CO2 Removal

Pilot Plant Design Proves Viability of Chemical Processes

Pilot plants are designed to prove production capabilities for new processes or test viability of an established process on a larger scale. A higher than average number of sampling points and instruments are typical in pilot plants, and are used to measure process parameters and results. Design of pilot skids is not straight forward. Scale-up […]

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Distillation Column Systems

Pilot Plant for C02 Capture To Be Built in Denmark

Akermin Inc., has announced they will be providing a carbon capture pilot plant to a waste-water treatment facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. This project will be the largest demonstration in the world of a biocatalyst removing CO2 from an industrial gas stream. Akermin will use the project to prove the commercial viability of their flue gas treatment technology. With commercial viability […]

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How it feels to Design & Build a Pilot Plant

We know you are dying to know what it feels like to build a pilot plant. We thought we would share that magical journey of emotions so you don’t have to angst any longer: The client calls to discuss the project idea with an EPIC engineer: The client isn’t sure they want to proceed with […]

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Industrial CO2 Distillation Pilot Plant Proving Long Term Viability

EPIC Systems, Inc. designed and engineered a distillation pilot plant that successfully removes over 80% CO2 from exhaust generated by a coal-fired power plant. The pilot plant, which utilizes Akermin Inc.’s process technology, has recently passed a significant milestone. It completed over 1,600 hours of operation without any reduction in efficacy. Samples of the flue […]

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8 Key Challenges To Pilot Plant Scale-Up

There are several specific challenges to scaling up process systems and pilot plants. In this blog, we cover the main challenges, including: Challenge #1: Non-linear Scale-Up - It's not that easy Challenge #2: Reaction Kinetics - Do you mix well? Challenge #3:Chemical Equilibrium - How fast do you react? Challenge #4: Material Properties - What [...]
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