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An EPIC control engineer conducts FAT on an industrial automation system

Three Modular Pilot Plants We Process Engineered the Specs Out Of

Projects where we get to nerd out on process engineering are the best. We love engineering like a boss, especially with projects where we get exposed to a new technology or approach. In reviewing the modular pilot plants & process systems that really got us going this year, three projects stood out: Modular Pilot Plant […]

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industrial distillation system

Why You Shouldn’t Trust “Instant” Quotes for Process Systems

What causes people to look for an instant quote? Pressure from their superiors, easy website forms, fast-track timelines, budget deadlines, etc. the list goes on. Whatever the case is, instant quotes are a risky move with a plethora of issues. Instant quotes can be beneficial in understanding a wide price range for a project but […]

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3d Absorption column design

Distillation Columns: Design Best Practices

What do you need to know to start designing distillation columns? You will need to know some information about the process objectives you are trying to achieve before you can start column design. Even if you go to a professional distillation system design firm, they will still need the following information to begin. Many of […]

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How to Scale Distillation Systems

Distillation column design begins when you provide three specifications to an experienced distillation process engineer: your process requirements, budget constraints and key properties of your chemical solution. Process Design Engineers use professional simulation software, such as Aspen HYSYS or Aspen Plus, to model the separation process inside the column. Your column designer provides experience with: […]

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Distillation Column Design Check

How do you successfully design a distillation column? Generally speaking, there are five major steps that have to happen in any industrial distillation column design: Vapor-liquid equilibrium analysis Establish column operating objectives Determine your operating pressure or vacuum conditions Conduct R/Dmin, Nmin and Feed stage estimation Determine the diameter and height of the column   […]

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Industrial CO2 Distillation Pilot Plant Proving Long Term Viability

EPIC Systems, Inc. designed and engineered a distillation pilot plant that successfully removes over 80% CO2 from exhaust generated by a coal-fired power plant. The pilot plant, which utilizes Akermin Inc.’s process technology, has recently passed a significant milestone. It completed over 1,600 hours of operation without any reduction in efficacy. Samples of the flue […]

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