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Modular Process Systems & Skids

Raw Material Handling Systems

Your raw materials must be unloaded safely and efficiently, meeting OSHA requirements and standards. An EPIC turnkey raw materials handling system is designed, integrated and installed by project managers with process and plant experience. Speed of unloading, safety and ergonomics are all weighed carefully into each stage of:


EPIC works with you to provide a raw material system to unload your raw materials and transport them.

Automated systems for unloading of raw materials and transport of liquids & powders:

  • Rail
    • Top Unload
    • Bottom Unload
  • Truck
    • Top Unload
    • Bottom Unload
  • Techniques
      • Lift
      • Pressurization
  • Filtration

If you have questions on specific types of unloading, such as chemical unloading, please contact an engineer…


 We provide equipment to move your raw materials where they need to go.

Semi-automated or fully automated systems for supplying raw materials to process plants and process systems

  • Pumps
      • Centrifugal
      • Positive Displacement
  • Recirculation loops
  • Dedicated delivery piping
  • Shared delivery piping
      • Manifolds
      • Pigging Systems
  • Accurate dosing
    • Weighing systems
      • Flowmeters


Proper storage can be integrated to keep your raw materials safe until processing

Systems that track and store raw materials, which are usually integrated with unloading and supply systems. Automated or semi-automated.

  • Bulk
      • Tank Farms
      • Tanks
          • Inerting
      • Silos/Bins
          • Mass flow bin design
          • Vibrators
          • Fluidizers
          • Dense phase conveying
          • Dilute phase conveying
          • Dust collection
            • Explosive dusts (Class II), Division 1,2
            • NFPA hazardous location electrical design/fabrication
            • Static electricity dispersion and grounding
        • Intermediate
          • Intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s)
          • Totes
          • Drums
        • Small Container
            • Carboy
            • Pail

If you have more questions on bulk storage, or if you would like to see a tank farm example, contact an engineer

Selected Raw Material Handling System Case Study

Semi-automated Rail Bottom Unload & Powder Storage System

A rail unloading system for a powder ingredient was integrated with both a mixing and storage system. A fluidizer was used to drive flow from the bottom of the rail car onto a belt conveyor below the rail-car. The semi-automated unloading solution increased safety, ergonomics and efficiency for the client.

Key Features: Rail bottom unload, raw material system, HAZOP study, fluidizer, bulk storage

Client Testimonial

“We chose EPIC based on their strengths in several areas and they did not disappoint. They have first-rate technical know-how. EPIC did an excellent job in designing our tank farm and blending system.  The design included explosion proof design since there were flammable chemicals involved.  It included 11 blending tanks for 3 different finished products and a tank farm to house 9 different bulk chemicals.” 

– T. Schoonenberg, Engineering and Operations Manager | The VVF, Illinois Services Company 

Why EPIC Modular Process For Your Raw Material System?

Your complete raw material handling system will be automated and installed to meet your material unloading, storage and supply needs in a safe manner. We are experienced at fully extracting your technical, operational and commercial specifications. We combine those with our knowledge of process capabilities, automation and plant design/build to help you “Do It Better.” Our process for building complete raw material handling systems includes:

  • Utilizing Front-End Engineering to ensure the proper steps are taken during development of raw material handling systems
  • Modular design/fabrication that reduces traditional downtime through parallel construction and results in cost-savings, increased safety and faster project delivery. Learn more about the benefits of modular
  • Maintaining an open door client policy to promote innovation and communicate. We invite clients to visit EPIC throughout projects
  • Imparting a transfer of knowledge, not just basic training, for the systems and equipment we provide

For a better solution, contact EPIC today.

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