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Process Systems & Pilot Plants

Process Skid & Systems: FAQ’s

There are many questions surrounding process skid & system development—as a result, we have compiled a list of the most common questions. For more specific questions or further information regarding process systems, please contact EPIC 314-845-0077.

From distillation to batch mixing, we provide commercially viable process skids that cover a range of unit operations and system sizes from pilot skids to commercial production facilities. To process systems by major application type, please visit our process applications page.

We follow a proven turnkey design/build methodology for developing process systems that has helped customers successfully design, build, and startup over 420+ successful process skids. At a high level, this process walks through:

  • Concept development and specification extraction
  • A front-end engineering design effort resulting in a fixed price quote.
  • Once approved, the design process and control engineering development stages start
  • After several design reviews, peer reviews, and client approval, fabrication and assembly process begins in our state-of-the-art process skid fabrication plant
  • Process system testing and FAT is done onsite, and the system is prepared for shipping
  • Once on site, the process system is installed and we begin a detailed system checkout
  • After the system is fully started and commissioned, we conduct onsite training and handover full system documentation
  • Continued support is provided as needed after project completion for any troubleshooting.

For further questions or to discuss your specific application, please contact EPIC 314-845-0077.

There are many factors to consider when pricing a modular process system. Application complexity, process conditions, flammables, instrumentation, flow rate, number of equipment pieces, equipment type, construction materials, utilities, site readiness, etc.  To start determining what your process application might cost, please see our Process Skid Cost Factors Guide or fill out Process Project Planner that you can submit to EPIC or another design build firm to get a detailed cost estimate.

You don’t need a lot to get started, and we can help you fill in design holes. At a basic level, you need some type of process technology or goal that you can describe to us. You should know or have basic versions of the following:

  • Mass and energy balance
  • Licensed or finalized technology with clear processing steps
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)

If you have a pretty detailed idea of what you need, our Process Project Planner covers all the information we need to get rolling on detailed RFQ pricing.

There are no size limits. From greenfield projects to smaller, pilot production plants, we have managed facilities of every size. If during the project evaluation phase, it is determined that EPIC does not fit your process plant project needs, we will connect you to other resources in the industry that might be a better fit. Our priority is to take on projects that do not put anyone in financial risk.

In the simplest of terms, a modular process skid is mobile. It is built as a self-contained unit on a skid which can be lifted and moved as a single piece of equipment. A regular process system does not have this capability as it is built onsite and cannot be moved. See the Advantages to Modular Skid Fabrication page for more information about how a modular approach often allows for compressed project timelines, higher quality systems, and cost savings.

In some cases, modular process skid designs are not the most practical approach to a project. When a modular approach is not beneficial, we can also provide stick-built systems. It is our goal to design and build systems for any type of project by providing experience in full-service process system.

A large process system pictured in EPIC’s shop gets examined by EPIC process engineers

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