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Modular Process Systems & Skids

Modular Pipe Bridges & Systems

We design, fabricate and install:

EPIC’s modular pipe bridge design & industrial piping systems result in a compressed project timeline. We utilize pre-fitted, pre-tested and pre-heat traced/insulation.  EPIC projects minimize downtime at existing facilities, ensuring the fastest completion time and the highest quality construction.

Learn more about our modular approach to industrial pipe bridges or industrial piping systems below or contact one of our industrial piping specialists 314-714-1580 to start designing your custom modular pipe bridge today.

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Corrosion Resistant Pipe Bridge

EPA Requirements Require Fast Upgrade for Vaporization Plant

EPIC designed and installed a corrosion resistant industrial pipe bridge for a vaporization plant. Fit-up was verified before shipment and all piping hydrotested to customer and ASME 150psi specifications. The pipe rack was fabricated at EPIC and installed as a complete “plug-and-play” unit over a set of existing railroad tracks.

Key Features: Industrial pipe bridge, corrosion resistant, hydrotesting, modular design

Pipe Bridge for Food & Beverage PlantSanitary Pipe Bridge with Internal Finish by EPIC

EPIC designed a “plug-and-play” pipe bridge for a large food and beverage company. Sanitary valves, internal finish and 20RA were required for the process ingredients traveling through the piping. A compressed timeline and cost savings were realized with modular construction.

Key Features: Sanitary pipe bridges, sanitary valves, internal finish, 20RA standards

Pipe Rack Module Fabrication Reduces Risks & Cuts Timeline by 50%

Pipe Rack ModuleA pipe rack destined for a highly restricted area at a refinery, saw major timeline improvements and risk reduction from off-site modular pipe rack fabrication by EPIC’s industrial piping specialists. RMD welding was performed off-site. This process resulted in faster fabrication and higher quality welds due to off-site completion. Risk was reduced by performing the welds in a controlled fabrication plant environment instead of in the field. Welding would not have been possible during facility operations. Learn more about this off-site industrial piping system fabrication...

Key Features: 800+ feet of modular industrial piping systems, self-regulating heat-trace system, RO water filtration system, RMD welding

Industrial Piping Systems Pre-Heat Traced to Reduce Plant Construction Timeline

Industrial Piping SystemA new hot-fill product being added to a consumer products plant required a process system with over 250 of heat-traced process pipe line. The product had remain at temperature for filling as it traveled through the system. EPIC created modular pipe-racks and heat traced them to specification before installation, ensuring no heat sink occurred in the system. Over 250 feet of piping was pre-insulated…

Key Features: 250+ feet of piping on pipe racks, power-limiting heat trace system, pre-insulated piping, low voltage system

Client Testimonial

I appreciate that I have an external engineering team that I can call or visit with to talk about a new concept or project. I find long-term value in this company, not just for one-off projects. EPIC’s project managers keep open communication and have our trust. We know that they can do more than just get the job done; they can get it done right.

– Project manager | a top chemicals company

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