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Liquid Blending FAQs

Liquid blending systems often come with many questions. What types of mixtures require liquid blending? How much will a liquid blending system cost me? What vessel configurations do EPIC liquid blending systems allow? Answers to these questions are below, and additional questions can be answered by one of our mixing system experts (314) 845-0077.

Liquid blending is a good option for complicated blends that have varying viscosities or that do not naturally blend together. Liquid blending can be performed with dry components and with both alkaline and acidic chemicals. In general, liquid blending is a highly versatile blending option that will provide a homogeneous mixture even when dealing with highly complex components.

This will depend on the specific design of your liquid blending skid. Most tanks in a liquid blending skid would not hold less than 200L of materials, and can increase to 2000 Liters or more.

We can configure your liquid blending system to fit whatever vessel configuration you require, depending on the viscosity of the materials in the blend, as well as the floor space available for the system once it is installed. As a general rule, high viscosity liquids are blended in round vessels for optimal mixing, but lower viscosity liquids can be blended in practically any shaped vessel.

When designing your liquid blending system, EPIC will create a liquid blending tank that will fit the specific demands of your project.

Yes, high shear mixing is the process of blending an immiscible mixture and it is a common reason to consider liquid blending when continuous and inline blending is not an option. If you need to blend an immiscible mixture quickly and efficiently, a liquid blending system is a great option.

Yes! EPIC prides itself on being a turnkey company and will take responsibility for the entire project. We provide engineering AND fabrication of liquid blending systems for a variety of industries. Our “Front End Engineering” approach to smart design allows you to control each step of the process from early design to installation. You can get in touch with an engineer directly by clicking here.

Most liquid blending skids that EPIC designs and creates use drums to store and transport the liquid blend once it is complete. However, liquid blends can be transported in any safe packaging solution such as a pail or a bulk tank.

This will depend on the complexity of the blend, the size of the system, the automation required and many other variables. Don’t worry, an engineer can walk you through each step to find what’s right for your needs. You can talk to an engineer directly to discuss features that will reduce your initial cost or value engineer the system to provide features that will meet your exact needs.

Liquid blending systems can produce mixtures with varying levels of uniformity. Crude mixtures are blended within 10% homogeneity. Precise blends are around 2% homogeneity.

Corrosive liquids as well as combustible and flammable compounds can all be successfully blended using liquid blending techniques, provided the system was created to cater to the properties of these chemicals.

Absolutely. EPIC works closely with the food and beverage industry as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries, and more.

EPIC assures a quality system for every client. As with all of our projects, we conduct full factory acceptance and functional testing for our liquid blending systems before we ship it to your plant to ensure that it meets all requirements. Additionally, EPIC has a “Controls and Automation Group” that performs a unique check out process. This includes documentation of all instrumentation and a complete testing process to ensure it is functioning at 100% accuracy and efficiency.

Our job doesn’t end once the system is installed. We provide employee training and are available for troubleshooting and guidance for as long as needed to fully integrate the new system into your plant’s environment.

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