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Testing a New Formula? Rent an Inline Blending Skid

Rent EPIC’s Dosing and Inline Blending Skid to Prove Your Recipe

An overview photo showing the EPIC rental inline blending skidConsidering switching from batch mixing to inline blending? Unsure if inline dosing will work for your product? Rent EPIC’s inline blending skid to find out. EPIC’s pilot-scale inline blending system is available to rent. Late product differentiation allows for products to be manufactured inline, with reduced time and material for changeovers and washout. This allows for increased production capacity, reduced cost, and more flexibility. This skid can accommodate five (5) ingredients in 2.5-gallon poly totes with flow rates ranging from 63 grams-per-minute to 935 grams-per-minute. The system is fully automated and has integrated controls and touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI).

EPIC does not typically charge a “rental” fee for the system. Instead, we simply ask the customer to fund the shipping, prep work, cleaning, and time/material for our engineers to calibrate the system for you. During a standard rental, an EPIC engineer will create a design based on your formula card, program the system to accommodate your formulas, and travel to your site to train your operators. Training includes:

  • Set up the system for a run
  • Operation of the system controls
  • Lessons on how to troubleshoot during runs.

Fill out the contact form below or call us at 314-714-1580 to speak with an engineer about a rental, FEL, and design/build of an inline dosing skid.

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Clients who have rented EPIC’s inline blending skid previously have enjoyed several benefits. Here are a few:

  • Determining if inline blending is even feasible for your product(s) prior to investing major capital for design/build services
  • Demonstrating your product’s value to stakeholders
  • Ability to create your useable product at a pilot scale, offering substantial value early on
  • Technology validation – proving that the pumps will be accurate enough and blend properly
  • Front-End Loading (FEL) support to optimize inline blending system design

If you are unable to host the 4’x5’ inline blending skid at your own facility, EPIC is can complete your testing at our facility. At EPIC, we are not equipped to handle hazardous materials or disposal of chemicals but would be happy to assist you in developing a plan to test at our facility.

 Case Study: Food and Beverage Client uses Rental Skid to Prove Inline Dosing and Process

Client: Fortune 100 Company

Industry: Food & Beverage

 Core Challenges:

  • Pumping viscous ice cream base ingredient
  • Uniform mixing of flavors into the base ingredient

EPIC was hired by a large food and beverage manufacturer who wanted to convert the manufacturing processes of one of their ice cream brands from batch mixing to inline blending. The customer contacted EPIC to solve their issues with waste, cleanout times, and run-time.

Due to the customer’s concerns regarding the ability to create a product using an inline dosing skid that is indistinguishable from the product made with a batch skid, and their concerns regarding pumping an ice cream mixture that has a viscosity similar to soft-serve during the process, EPIC recommended renting our test unit during Front-End Loading (FEL).

EPIC worked through the customer’s issues regarding viscosity, ingredient dosing, and blending through FEL and inline blending system rental. Through this collaborative effort EPIC was able to specify pumps and high-shear inline mixers to meet the customer’s product quality requirements. Following the completion of rental and FEL, the customer hired EPIC for detailed design and fabrication of their permanent inline blending skid. This system will be used as a pilot to test if inline blending is feasible at scale, and if it is, the customer will roll-out inline blending skids across the country for all of their ice cream manufacturing processes.

EPIC recommends supplementing your process skid rental with Front End Loading (FEL), for design optimization of a full-scale system. Our team of engineers and fabricators have 25+ years of experience designing and building inline blending skids of various scales and complexity. With our experience, we will guide you through the intricacies and complexities found in a Late Product Differentiation (LPD) system.

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