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Modular Process Systems & Skids

Advantages to an Inline Blending or Chemical Dosing System

When is an automatic dosing system preferrable over a traditional batch process unit? A unit dose system is often a better alternative for your liquid blending or chemical dosing system needs for the following reasons:

  • Lower capital costs compared to a full batching strategy
  • Less storage space no need for additional large, dedicated finished product storage tanks each time a new variant of your base formula is introduced
  • Pre-engineered, field-proven process means you don’t have to start from square one
  • Improved ability to switch SKU’s frequently to meet client’s requests for smaller quantities and minimized inventory
  • Faster time-to-market with new product variants
  • Lower transportation costs and faster turnaround on orders from your clients
  • Faster expansion– with less capital investment, you can establish regional blend facilities worldwide
  • Add water to formula near point of use
  • Greater future flexibility to move your modular chemical dosing system across the plant, across the country, or across the world, as business needs change.

Integrated with advanced automation technology, EPIC’s in-line liquid blending equipment and dosing systems are pre-engineered based on your plant preferences and manufacturing goals. With field-proven design, our process dosing systems provide the ability to switch SKU’s frequently to meet fluctuating inventory demand.

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Chemical dosing systems may be arranged in many different configurations to accommodate your site-specific plot plan. All raw material unloading and product delivery hardware is self-contained on individual process modules. Common continuous blending systems include:

    • Major ingredients, minor ingredient dosing skids and filler feed mixing modules –
      automatic dosing system or multi-skid chemical dosing systems that create base formulas and/or mix in various combinations of minor ingredients to create different products
    • CLP (Continuous Line Processing) & LPD (Late Product Differentiation) system –in-pipe blending systems that automate product mixing
    • Automatic dosing system and process dosing systems –automated or semi-automated self-contained systems that blend perfumes and dose the perfume into base formulas
    • Flavor blending and dosing system –skids that convert raw materials into distinct flavors that are added into foods, beverages and consumer products
    • Dye dosing and unit dose –mix different colors of dyes in an automated blending skid and dispense them in pre-measured amounts (unit dose)
    • Dosing Solutions – caustic dosing, detergent dosing pump, hcl dosing pump, industrial dosing pump, jesco dosing pump, lime dosing pump, liquid dosing pump, sera dosing pump, etc
    • Additional Systems – liquid blending, chemical blending process, additive dosing system, automated dosing system, chemical injection skid, feeding skid, chemical injection pump skid, unit dose, chemical feed skid, acid dosing system, lime dosing system, auto dosing system, alum dosing system, antiscalant dosing system, caustic dosing system, Clo2 dosing system, co2 dosing system, enzyme dosing system, fertilizer dosing system, hcl dosing system, hypo dosing system, hypochlorite dosing, polyelectrolyte dosing system, and more

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Proven Project Examples: Continuous In-Line Blending & Dosing Systems

Inline Blending Skid Adds 20 Flavors at Minimal Cost

automated inline blending system HMIWith a limited budget and limited floor space, the client needed to double the flavors mixed in their existing facility. A pre-engineered, field-proven in-line blending skid from EPIC provided a fast, economic solution that allowed the client to drastically expand the product portfolio with minimal equipment additions. Read the full case study…

Key Features: Outside pre-mix skid, coupled blending and filling system, feeding skid, mix tank with pump re-circulation, back pressure control, control logic, product-to-product washout, and more…

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EPIC Improves Changeover Time for Makeup Dosing Line

A consumer products company approached EPIC Systems with the need to reduce changeover time on a makeup dosing system with portable parts. Read the full case study…

Key Features: Integrated control system, portable dosing skid integrated with hot-fill dosing pump, lime dosing system, automatic dosing system, complete and correct individual machine programming and line integration, and more…

Read Full Case Study

Client Testimonial

“As a plant, we have relied on EPIC Systems to be our main resource for process design and to be a project manager on some of the bigger projects.  We like using EPIC since they are very cost effective for the value you get.  When we have dealt with some of the larger Engineering firms, they tend to involve too many disciplines that are not necessarily required.”  With EPIC, we get the Engineer who can handle the job, and we deal directly with him.”

– T. Schoonenberg, Engineering and Operations Manager | The VVF, Illinois Services Company

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