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Emulsion Systems & Skids

From simple stirring to process intensification using ultrasound technology, EPIC delivers expert emulsion systems that efficiently mix your dispersed phase into your continuous phase. Whether your process calls for regular emulsion, micro-emulsion or nano-emulsion, EPIC will provide a proven system with long-term ROI and consistent output.

EPIC has decades of experience as a leading manufacturer of emulsion systems. We focus on creating high integrity formulas, and offer hygienic design and fabrication for consumer products, food & beverage and other applicable products.

Our process for developing custom emulsion systems involves:

  • Fully extracting system specifications, establish expectations, and completing preliminary budgetary estimates during our Front-End Engineering Process.
  • Following our proven design/build process that has resulted in over 420+ successful startups by taking turnkey responsibility for delivering a high-quality, ready-to-run system for all our customers.
  • The option for modular design/fabrication that allows our systems to be built faster with higher quality than traditional systems and shipped anywhere in the world
  • Highly experienced chemical and sanitary process engineers that have worked both on the client side in manufacturing environments and as integrators. Our project managers apply practical manufacturing solutions that work right at start-up and allow for many years of compliance.
  • Dedicated fabrication shops (including an isolated sanitary fabrication shop) and skilled craftsmen that provide high quality work in a controlled manufacturing environment, and our off-site modular fabrication typically reduces product timelines by 40% while improving quality and safety.

Our team has experience creating successful emulsion skids in a variety of industries, including food, consumer products, industrial chemicals and bio-chemicals. To begin designing your custom emulsion project with EPIC, contact us today 314-845-0077.

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Modular Emulsion Mixing System for Consumer Product

EPIC worked with a Fortune 500 Company’s R&D department to lead a comprehensive design/build/installation effort for engineering and installing an innovative modular emulsion mixing system. The installation was coordinated with a larger plant-wide process equipment upgrade that created new challenges in the engineering process.

Additional project complexities included: Hastelloy components, food grade sanitary requirements, a fast project timeline, and a tight physical footprint requiring a compact but accessible modular skid design. EPIC’s team worked tirelessly to meet the condensed timeline and expedited project execution, completing the project before a brand re-launch took place.  Read the full case study here.

Key Features: Food grade hygienic system, Hastelloy components, thermal heat tracing, mixing and emulsion system, modular design

Batch Processing Fragrance Systems for International Consumer Product

EPIC’s client required a multi-skid batch processing for a double oil emulsion system. The emulsion application needed to encapsulate oils into polymer with the unique challenge of scaling up a molecular time release process system into two distinct systems: A large commercial production system and a pilot-scale module for testing.

The molecular level technology and complex environmental variables of working with an international client required precision and thorough analysis. The project was completed in a short span of time and within budget. The final system included five separate batching modules that  Read the full case study here.

Key Features: Emulsion system for molecular time-release fragrance formula, polymer-oil encapsulation process, integrated Clean-in-Place system, pilot-scale testing module, commercial batching system, multi-skid batching plant


“EPIC offered an in-house construction service where they built modular emulsion skids for our blending systems. Six modular units containing two blending vessels each were shipped to our plant and installed with very few problems.  In Illinois, we have very expensive construction labor.  While this endeavor saved us quite a bit of expense, we found the quality of their delivered product was top-notch, conforming to all ANSI and GMP standards.”

  Project Manager | an Oleochemical and Personal Care Products Company

An emulsion system is a system that emulsifies two immiscible substances using an emulsifier. A common example of immiscible substances are oil and water. The emulsifier holds on to each of the immiscible substances and allows them to be permanently mixed in an emulsified substance. Common examples of emulsified mixtures are ice cream, vinaigrette, and pasteurized milk.

Emulsion skids are simply emulsion systems mounted on contained frames so that they are easy to transport and install once completed. Creating an emulsion system on a solid emulsion skid also reduces the risk of error in construction and allows for complete FAT testing before shipment. EPIC offers three basic types of emulsion systems:

  • Batch emulsion systems: the most common emulsion process where liquids are emulsified in separate batches with washouts between.
  • Continuous A time and space saving option for applications that meet specific requirements, continuous emulsion systems are an in-pipe mixing process that runs continuously but can often work for formulations with slight variable changes, such as fragrance or flavor changes.
  • Semicontinuous emulsion skids – For certain processes that want to take advantage of the efficiency of continuous mixing but benefit from in-line tank mixing or other batching features, semi-continuous systems are an option.

Our emulsions systems come with a large variety of features, including:

  • A choice of semi or fully automated options
  • Batch, continuous, or semi-continuous systems
  • Skid mounted, self-contained emulsion skids that arrive fully flanged and ready for hookup
  • Customizable capacity of emulsion skin catered to fit your production requirements
  • Pre-shipment testing and installation of circulation valves, check valves, flow meters, temperature gauges, and all process instrumentation
  • Customized control panel fitted to your required area and electrical classification codes (Class 1, Div 1; Class 2, Div 1, etc.)
  • Full HMI and pump controls interface

We also offer some further customization options, such as:

  • The choice of anionic or cationic emulsion capabilities (or both)
  • Additive injection systems
  • Additional sampling points (pilot scale systems)
  • Custom packaging or filling equipment additions
  • Data integrations into existing plant systems (MES, SAP, etc.)

Our team has experience creating successful emulsion skids in a variety of industries, including food, consumer products, industrial chemicals and bio-chemicals. To begin designing your custom emulsion project with EPIC, contact us today.

Our engineers have many years in-plant experience and can provide practical, proven solutions that work right for many years to come. Using our design-build method outlined below, practical in-plant knowledge, and network of industry experts, we deliver emulsion skids 40% faster than traditional systems. Our process includes:

Step 1: Concept 

The concept stage is where you get to tell EPIC exactly what you need, and what makes your project unique. Whether it is a unique formula, a tight physical footprint, a fast approaching deadline, or scaling an existing system to production size, we work out all the details in the beginning so that you know what to expect going forward.

Step 2: EPIC’s Front-End Engineering (FEE) Approach

We do not whip up a simple quote and send you on your way. EPIC’s Front End Engineering process of quoting guarantees you the most accurate bid that you can rely on to make a realistic budget. We ask you targeted questions that will help us to get a comprehensive picture of the project and what the real costs will be, such as:

  • Are your employees that will be working with the modular process system skilled or unskilled? What kind of process systems do they work with currently? Will your employees need training?
  • What is your required production rate? What are the characteristics of the finished product? Is it a liquid, gel, powder or granule?
  • What are the sanitary requirements for each product? Are cleaning cycles required between product changeovers? How will you wash out the equipment? Do washouts result in waste byproducts?

For a full list of topics we cover during Front End Engineering process, click here.

Step 3: Process System Design 

During design we complete your design basis for your emulsion system, including mechanical, electrical and structural design. Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID’s), process simulations, mass and energy balances, and all other design aspects of your project are completed. Controls and electrical design happens in-tandem and major equipment is ordered as the equipment and instrumentation list is finalized.

Step 4: Process Controls Engineering

Process automation controls can make or break your emulsion system, and EPIC takes the time and care to make sure your controls are up to the task of meeting and exceeding your emulsion systems production objectives. All components and instruments specified by EPIC meet UL, CSA and/or CE requirements.

Step 5: Modular Fabrication & Assembly

All emulsion skids are fabricated in our on-site state-of-the-art production facility.  EPIC’s modular systems allow you to save time and money when getting emulsion systems designed, built, and installed off-site in a controlled environment. Onsite upgrades can happen simultaneously and existing operations are not interrupted as your system is built at our facility.

Step 6: Emulsion System Installation

Systems arrive on-site fully tested and are usually installed and running within a week. EPIC is solely responsible for transporting and installing your emulsion system and integrating it into your existing facility ecosystem. EPIC’s shipping, installation, integration, and control set up processes are tested and verified as an efficient and safe process to get your emulsion system to you quickly and securely with minimal setbacks.

Step 7: Start-up & Commissioning

We don’t leave you to figure it all out alone once your emulsion system is installed. Our start-up and commissioning process involves maintenance training for your employees, punch list resolution, and operator training to ensure that you and your team know exactly how to work your new system. We will work with you to troubleshoot any future problems and make sure your team works cohesively around your newly integrated machine.

Visit our design/build process overview page to learn about this process.

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