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Modular Process Systems & Skids

Batch Mixing Systems & Batch Blending Systems

An EPIC batch mixing system automates highly accurate ingredient additions for batch mixing tanks. EPIC Engineers focus our batch blending systems for product repeat-ability and consistency. Our systems often use mass flow meter charging to reduce batch cycle times, allowing concurrent raw material additions into the batch mixing process industrial mixer.

Powdered or liquid ingredients may be blended together using techniques that far surpass standard, off-the-shelf batch mixers. EPIC can design and fabricate batch mixing systems for even the toughest chemical mixing applications. The industrial mixer process technology involves hard products in various elemental states like high viscosity liquids, non-Newtonian fluids, hygroscopic powders, or hygroscopic materials. Contact an engineer today to start designing your custom batch mixing system or batch blending skid.

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industrial liquid mixer process system

Batch Mixing & Batch Blending Case Studies

Below are some select examples of industrial liquid mixers and automated batch mixing process systems. Please contact information for specific details or to discuss your project.

Multi-Skid Sanitary Batch Mixing Module

A multi-skid batching plant process for water, fragrances, antibacterial and dust control chemicals was designed and integrated for a Fortune 100 pet care client. The sanitary USP grade tank mixing system was designed as a series of modular skids. The platform and modular design allowed easy access to chemical batching skids, equipment and system controls.

Key Features: Batch mixing systems, USP grade system, modular skid, antibacterial, dust control chemicals, batch mixing tanks, industrial mixer, industrial liquid mixer.

Flexible Industrial Mixer System for 100+ Formulas

3D Model of Batch Mixing SystemAn automotive parts client required a flexible chemical industrial mixer system for 100+ formulas for treatment dips. EPIC integrated the intricate multi-stage batch mixing control system, complete with a high level of communications, for real-time changes and continual improvement. The system improved mixing and tracking ability through the batch controller and desktop recipe editor/batch scheduler. Read more about the industrial batch mixing system for 100+ formulas… 

Key Features: Chemical treatment dips, automated mixing system, batch mixing, Wonderware InBatch Software, Class 1, Group D, Division 1, hazardous area

EPIC Redesigns Six Mix Tank Modules Featuring Jacketed Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks for Increased Production

EPIC Systems completed a process plant project for a batch mixing/batch reactor system by reducing cost and project timeline through modular design/build. The final project scope included: modular pipe bridges, heating skids, 24 tanks, six mix tank modules, ancillary skids, pipe spools, and other process equipment. This system also featured a heat transfer systems that featured jacketed mixing vessel for chemical heating, plate and frame heat exchangers/TCU’s/jacketed tanks & piping. Read more about this industrial mixer here…

Key Features: modular fabrication design, industrial mixer, batch mixing tanks, Upgraded plant from traditional bar soap capability to multiple deodorant products: clear gel, glycol deodorant stick, and antiperspirant stick, jacketed stainless steel mixing tanks

EPIC’s team of batch mixing process experts works can work with a variety of technologies and mixing applications to create custom, automated mixing solutions that meet your needs and budget. Some examples of technologies we work with include:

  • Liquid Batch Mixing
    • Viscous
    • Single pot processing
    • Non-Newtonian
    • Micro-susceptible
    • Flammable liquids
    • Toxic fluids
  • Batch Mixing (Mass or Particle)
    • Powders
    • Granules
    • Pellets
  • Advanced Batch Mixing Techniques
    • Industrial in-tank agitators
    • High shear mixers
    • Scraped blade mixers
    • External re-circulation systems
  • Specific Mixing Equipment:
    • Batch mixing tanks
    • Industrial stainless steel mixers
    • Jacketed mixing vessel
    • Jacketed stainless steel mixing tanks
    • Single pot processing

To get pricing information or discuss your batch mixing process project with an EPIC engineering specialist, please call  314-714-1580 or fill out the form below.

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We take your batch mixing process technology and scale it up, without sacrificing quality. We are experienced at fully extracting your technical, operational and commercial specifications. We combine those with our knowledge of process capabilities, batch mixing, and modular design/build to help you “Do It Better.” Our process for building complete modular batch process manufacturing systems includes:

  • Utilizing Front-End Engineering to ensure the proper steps are taken during project scope development
  • Modular design/fabrication that reduces traditional downtime through parallel construction and results in cost-savings, increased safety and faster project delivery. Learn more about the benefits of modular…
  • Maintaining an open door client policy to promote innovation and communicate. We invite clients to visit EPIC throughout projects
  • Imparting a transfer of knowledge, not just basic training, for the systems and equipment we provide

For a better batch mixing solution, contact EPIC today.

Client Testimonial For Batch Mixing Systems

“EPIC offered an in-house construction service where they built modular skids for our blending systems. Six modular units containing two blending vessels each were shipped to our plant and installed with very few problems.  In Illinois, we have very expensive construction labor.  While this endeavor saved us quite a bit of expense, we found the quality of their delivered product was top-notch, conforming to all ANSI and GMP standards.”

 Project Manager | an Oleochemical and Personal Care Products Company

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