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Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Do you find it increasingly challenging to achieve the intended results from your extraction process? Are you able to recover, recycle and purify solvents from your aqueous or organic streams? Designing liquid-liquid extraction equipment to recover, recycle and purify solvents requires experienced engineers familiar with the most recent technologies and requirements. At EPIC, our team of experts offers solutions to help you select the most suitable extraction and recovery process available.

EPIC has experience and expertise in designing and building liquid-liquid separator systems that adhere to strict purification requirements and keep costs as low as possible. Successful liquid-liquid separator systems work at startup and for years thereafter, while remaining both energy and cost efficient.

We do more than sell equipment, our team partners with you to provide the best solution for your liquid-liquid separation projects. Our qualified team of experts takes turnkey responsibility for your extraction system from design through startup, with on-going support.

Contact an EPIC engineer today to get a proven solution for your liquid-liquid extraction process: (314) 845-0077

Liquid-Liquid Extraction—When Is It Appropriate?

Liquid-liquid extraction is one way to separate process stream elements, but often overlaps with distillation and other liquid-liquid separation technologies. How do you know if extraction is the best liquid-liquid separation technique for your application?

Extraction may be more appropriate in conditions that require:

  • Separating heat sensitive products
  • Washing polar compounds, acids or bases from organic streams
  • Removal of pollutants from dilute aqueous streams
  • Purifying non-volatile materials
  • Avoiding costly distillation solutions

Deciding factors include the types of organic compounds, boiling point temperatures in °C, percentage of water solubility, Azeotrope boiling points in °C, Azeotrope water percentages and the typical reduction levels. The table above offers an overview of the different types of compounds and which solution would be more effective in the separation process.

Let our qualified team of experts work with you to help select the most appropriate extraction and recovery process that will most meet your needs.

Client Testimonial

“Our collaborative partnership with EPIC enabled us to deliver a strategically-important project on budget and within a very aggressive timeline. Installation and start-up were completed in a matter of weeks and products made in the EPIC-supplied equipment fully met expectations upon first production.”

– William P., Project Engineer | a global manufacturer of a specialty chemical company


“We chose EPIC based on their strengths in several areas and they did not disappoint. They have first rate technical know-how.” Engineering Manager at a Multinational Manufacturing Company

How to Get Your Proven Liquid-Liquid Extraction System

EPIC specializes in designing and building column-based liquid-liquid extraction modular systems engineered to extract pollutants, as well as recover and recycle the solvent during the extraction process, and we partner with you from concept to start-up.

  1. Contact EPIC or call us at (314) 403-1869 to discuss your application. A thorough discussion of your extraction goals, budget and technology will help both parties determine if this project is a technical and commercial fit.
  2. Front-End Engineering and liquid-liquid extraction system design are completed with EPIC as your project partners. Our scale-up specialists provide you with the necessary diagrams, equipment lists and other required documentation to present you with a complete bid package.
  3. Fabrication and controls engineering will begin on your custom liquid-liquid extraction system. Our state-of-the-art fabrication plant allows for remote fabrication, resulting in non-interference of your onsite operations, while modifications take place onsite at your facility.
  4. Testing, shipping and installation. Testing takes place prior to shipping. The equipment will arrive ready for onsite hookup, and installation normally takes less than a week.
  5. Full system start-up is complete, and training is provided for system operators. EPIC will work with you until you feel comfortable operating and maintaining the equipment.

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