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Hydrogenation System Capabilities

Hydrogenation system and Hydrogenation Plant Design-Build Services

A hydrogenation system is inspected by an EPIC project managerHydrogenation, or the process of treating compounds with hydrogen, is used to reduce or saturate organic compounds. These compounds commonly include vegetable oils, such as soy, cotton or sunflower, and solid fats. A hydrogenation system controls the temperatures and pressures affecting the compound and brings the fats and oils to their melting point, creating a more malleable consistency.

At EPIC Systems, we provide turnkey design-build services to improve your hydrogenation plant production and efficiency. Our turnkey process delivers a wide range of benefits in our process.

Ready to talk to an engineer about your hydrogenation system needs? Call 314-714-1580 or contact us online.

EPIC’s Turnkey Hydrogenation Plant Process

EPIC engineers and in-house craftsmen bring three decades of experience designing and building proven hydrogenation plant systems. Our turnkey services include:

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    Concept Development

    You bring the process technology, we help design your system

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    Front End Loading (FEL)

    Get a fixed bid quote and preliminary system design

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    Hydrogenation System Design

    Detailed hydrogenation system design with 3D modeling and simulation

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    Automation and Controls Engineering

    In-house controls developed by automation engineers

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    In-House Fabrication and Assembly

    Production-style hydrogenation system fabrication in controlled shop conditions

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    Hydrogenation Plant Installation

    Installations that minimize downtime and get to startup ASAP

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    Startup & Commissioning

    We remain onsite during full startup, punchlist resolution, and operator training

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    Parts & Customer Service

    We’re your expert resource for keeping your hydrogenation plant running smoothly

To get pricing information or discuss hydrogenation plant needs with an EPIC engineer, please call 314-714-1580 or fill out the contact form below.

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Working With EPIC on Your Hydrogenation System

When you partner with EPIC, you can expect:

  • Streamlined management of any project, no matter the size
  • Risk reduction—we reliably automate systems and reduce the possibility of human error
  • Consistent, reliable hydrogenation process—your process will work steadily for you, time and again
  • Flexible automation framework—we’ll efficiently plan, stage and deliver your project for maximum scalability and long-term stability
  • Reporting—consistent reports on preventative maintenance, process variables, production flowrate, quality control, and more
  • Centralized overall view—easily get all your production data in one place
  • Ongoing support—never be ill-at-ease if anything goes wrong, we stand behind our work

Industry Uses and Regulatory Limitations

In June 2018, the FDA banned the use of hydrogenated oils and fats in U.S. food products, due to their documented, harmful effects on cardiovascular health as directly ingested food products. However, hydrogenation remains a useful and legal process in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Hydrogenation Systems and Processes We Routinely Manage

Precise Mixing: only a precise mixing process can deliver consistent hydrogenation, so we employ a precise, dead-end hydrogenation system to stringent quality standards across:

  • Free fatty acids
  • Soaps
  • Phosphorus
  • Moisture
  • Peroxide value
  • p-Ansidine value
  • And others

We design and deliver systems managing all variables in the process, including:

  • Selectivity
  • Gas dispersion
  • Catalysts
  • Hydrogen
  • Reactivity
  • Oil/oil heat exchange
  • Flash tanks
  • Drop tanks
  • Filters
  • Nickel removal

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