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Dosing Systems and Skids

Batch and Inline Ingredient Dosing Systems

Moving chemical ingredients from point A to point B within a plant is not always easy. Sometimes it requires hoses being run across the plant, other times transfer carts, and in some cases, there are automated dosing systems. Dosing systems require less manpower, dose more accurately, and are safer alternatives to manually dosing ingredients. multi-ingredient dosing skidEPIC’s team of engineers specialize in designing dosing systems with plant optimization in mind, and that includes how ingredients get dosed into a batch and inline processes.

EPIC Systems has been fabricating dosing systems for over 25 years. Our engineers come from the manufacturing industry and have experience delivering raw materials to both batch and inline processes. Material dosing skids are an essential part of many plant processes, and our team has fabricated systems like this in all shapes and sizes. From adding fragrances to a cleaning product line to distributing dairy products across a plant EPIC has seen it before.

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Dosing System Examples

Inline Dosing Skid Adds 20 Flavors at Minimal Cost

20 ingredient dosing skidA Fortune 500 consumer products company needed to scale up their production with minimal budget and minimal floor space. EPIC engineered and fabricated a solution that was able to dose 20 flavors into the base product while meeting their budget, facility, and time-frame constraints. This system allowed for the customer to drastically expand their portfolio with minimal cost or equipment addition.

Key Features: outside pre-mix tank for flammable product; multiple ingredient trees; coupled blending and filling system; product-to-product wash out

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Blending System Allows Customer to Be First to Market

automated dosing systemA Fortune 500 consumer products client needed to be first to market with their new laundry detergent formula. Through Front-End-Loading (FEL), modular design/build, and project collaboration the system was achieved under a condensed timeline.

Key Features: new product line; formula change capability; packaging upgrade; raw materials pre-mix; Wonderware HMI and ControlLogix PLC integration.

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Batch Dosing System and Automation Integration

A consumer product mixed using a batch mixing systemA Fortune 500 consumer products company needed an upgraded batch mixing system with complex automation, product dosing, and packaging included. The system included a highly automated batch mixing process, as well as, raw material storage for both liquid and powder ingredients. Included with the raw material storage is a transfer system and an automated tote/drum retrieval system.

Key Features: Automated dosing, complex automated mixing, integrated packaging, raw material handling, live data capture.

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Types of Automated Dosing Systems

Batch Dosing Systems

Traditional batch manufacturing processes require dosing ingredients into a large tank, sometimes sequentially other times all at once, and then blending them. Ingredients are either dosed manually or via automated dosing system. EPIC’s typical design for an automated dosing system includes process piping hookups to draw material from raw material storage; metering pump(s); flow meters; occasionally they contain small buffer storage tanks to keep ingredients on hand; and other necessary instruments. The dosing systems appropriately meters product from material storage into the batch system, reducing human error and increasing production capacity.

Inline Dosing Systems

Inline dosing systems function in a similar way as their batch sisters. The biggest difference is that inline dosing systems support a system that is typically continuously mixing product. Because of this, an inline dosing system must be prepared to deliver a constant and consistent feed to the blending system. Inline dosing systems could be configured the same way as a batch dosing system, or they might directly deliver to the inline blending skid itself. That is usually determined by the number of ingredients, how many ingredients there are, and how far raw material storage is from the inline blending system.

Dosing System Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limitation to how much or how little of an ingredient can dosed?

In short, no, if the equipment exists. EPIC has engineered systems that dose a few droplets per minute as well as systems that provide many gallons per minute. It is all about pump and instrument sizing. Our team of engineers has experience designing systems and specifying equipment for a range of production capacities.

Can a dosing system be fabricated for my sanitary process?

Absolutely. Not only can EPIC fabricate for sanitary processes (i.e. pharmaceutical, food & beverage, cosmetics), but we also can design and build systems in industrial stainless steel, industrial carbon steel, and HTPE. EPIC also has experience with hazardous area classifications, from Class 1 Division 1 electrical area classifications to HAZMAT classifications, EPIC can design and build a dosing system for almost any process.

I am dosing multiple ingredients, can one system handle all of them?

Possibly. The nature of the ingredient, where the raw materials are stored, and the turndown ratio are all things to consider when designing a dosing skid that will dose more than one ingredient. Another thing to consider is how the system will be washed out – does it need to be cleaned before each ingredient addition, or can multiple ingredients be passed through before cleaning? Whatever the case is, EPIC has engineered dosing systems that handle multiple ingredients and ones that are dedicated to one ingredient only.

How much does a system cost?

Because we don’t offer any “off-the-shelf” solutions, it is tough to say. Luckily our engineering team has years of experience designing systems and specifying equipment for dosing skids. Contact us at 314-714-1580 to get a member of our team started on quoting your project.

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