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Clean in Place Systems

Product changeovers are a necessary but inconvenient aspect of many mixing processes. Repeatable and reliable product changeover protects your product quality, line operators, and your customers. Balancing short-cycle time with sufficient flow and proper pressure to thoroughly rinse and remove residue requires expert system design tailored to your application.

EPIC’s team of hygienic process engineers have been designing custom CIP systems for the food & beverage, consumer products, household chemicals, and pharma applications for over 25 years. Our in-house automation team optimizes CIP skid design for low operating costs, water and chemical use and ideal cycle times. Whether a free-standing system or an add-on skid to a larger process system, a CIP system from EPIC comes with:

  • Highly experienced sanitary process engineers who understand the complex chemical interactions involved in your process and get the job done right.
  • A turnkey system design & fabrication process for your CIP process that eliminates downtime and reduces risks. This includes a process design basis and peer review process that ensure your CIP skid meets FDA and other regulatory requirements.
  • A dedicated team of craftsmen working in a controlled sanitary fabrication shop built especially for fabricating hygienic sanitary equipment and systems.
  • Automated systems that quickly and efficiently sanitize custom equipment that integrates seamlessly with existing equipment and controls.
  • An in-house quality team that performs a complete system testing before shipment using our detailed green-tag quality assurance process.
  • A thorough specification & documentation process that verifies everything from welds to electrical wiring before shipment, ensuring a safe, quality system ready for validation.

We have experience in a variety of industries, including but not limited to dairy, pharmaceuticals, consumer products (soaps, shampoos, lotions), and cosmetics. EPIC can engineer & build an optimized CIP system. Contact an engineer today to discuss your CIP System needs.

CIP Process Skid Increases Production Efficiency

clean-in-place systemsEPIC designed a fully customized Clean-In-Place (CIP) process skid for a Fortune 500 cosmetics company who was looking to reduce productinefficiencies during product changeovers. The new CIP system needed to seamlessly integrate into the plant’s existing CIP system, with fully integrated controls that maximizes use of both sets of equipment into a “Super CIP System.” EPIC completed this project ahead of the original deadline and within the original budget.

Key Features:

  • Design and extensive validation documentation that complies with FDA regulations
  • Three separate control panels to facilitate a clean-in-place (CIP) operations across hundreds of product skews
  • Allen Bradly Control Logix PLC’s with InBatch by WonderWare
  • Modular design allowing schedule compression and ease of installation
  • Integration with a previously commissioned system including development of a new shared controls architecture

Hygienic Clean-In-Place & Wastewater Neutralization System

Clean-in-place systems shown installed at plantHigh municipal surcharges motivated a medical soap products manufacturer to seek a washout neutralization system. EPIC designed and installed a hygienic clean-in-place washout & wastewater neutralization system to prevent foaming in effluent leaving the plant. EPIC completed the CIP system integration, controls programming, fabrication and system installation.

After product runs, a clean in place skid system is used to washout the process equipment. Wastewater collected in Steris’s aggregate run-off pits is pumped into a treatment tank. The tank is filled with dip pipes to prevent excessive foaming. Chemical neutralizers treat the water, which is then run through a re-circulation line and treated with de-foamers. Treated water leaves the treatment tank and is transported to holding tanks. The pH level of water leaving the plant is checked three times before it is released.

This system successfully eliminated surcharges from the municipality receiving wastewater and reduced PPE requirements for in-plant staff.

Key Features: Hygienic CIP Washout System, Wastewater neutralization system with re-circulatory system for de-foamer, three separate pH level checks, Dip pipes for tank filling to reduce foaming, Allen Bradley PLC controls

Our clean in place systems can be custom-tailored for anything from steam based sterilization to intense chemical cleaning using base and acid compounds, chlorinated compounds, or quaternary ammonium compounds. We also have the option of customized vision systems, balance tanks, heat exchangers, PLC’s and operator interfaces, sensors, and more. Get in touch with us to discuss your project today.

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