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Modular Process Systems & Skids

Gas-to-Liquid Process Systems

Gas-to-Liquid-Process-ExpertsYou bring the gas-to-liquids process technology, we do the rest.  Finding an experienced partner to scale up your complex process technology is the most critical step to ensure your gas to liquid process system becomes viable.

If you have the process technology to take syngas to liquid fuels, EPIC can engineer and fabricate a modular system to produce liquid fuels from syngas. Our seasoned team of process scale-up experts will take your gas-to-liquid technology to a fully functioning pilot skid.

Overview: Gas to Liquid Process

Gas to Liquids: or GTL, is becoming increasingly popular due to more cost effective natural gas reserves.

Syngas or Synthesis Gas, is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. It is produced from the methane in natural gas, trapped coal bed gas, anaerobic digester gas or landfill gas by steam reformation of carbon dioxide mixtures.  It can also be produced from solid, liquid fossil, and biomass feedstock’s by gasification and gas cleanup by gas-to-liquids companies.

Syngas can then be used to create petroleum products, such as: diesel fuel, jet fuel or gasoline, by means of the Fischer Tropsch Process or Methanol Synthesis. Confused about how Fischer Tropsch, gasification, steam reforming, tri-reforming and syngas all fit together? View the Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Diagram

Chemical Looping Combustion, or CLC; transfers oxygen from air to fuel through an oxygen carrier which circulates between air and fuel reactors. The process delivers concentrated CO2, undiluted with N2 from combustion air without active gas separation, through oxidation of fuel to CO2 and H2O in the fuel reactor. The oxygen carrier is regenerated in the air reactor. This can reduce parasitic energy costs associated with gas separation.

Designing Your Gas-to-Liquids Process

Our clients have technologies around the following feedstocks: natural gas, biomass, solidwaste, etc.

Syngas manufacturing methods we work with include: Steam Method Reforming (SMR), Auto Reforming  (AR), Plasma, Gassification.

Fischer-tropsch processes are highly exothermic and operate at high temperatures and pressures and often involve highly exothermic reactions. Our scale-up team are experts at designing systems that meet these challenges during scale-up.

EPIC completes gas liquids engineering by taking your process technology idea, and making it into a gas to liquids process system by:

  • Scale-up
  • Equipment selection
  • Process flow modeling
  • Detailed design and
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Continuous communication and support throughout the life of the project
  • Installation and commissioning


Select Case Studies for Gas-to-Liquids Process Systems

 Advanced Pilot Plant Validates Alternative Energy

gas to liquid process system A custom engineered process system was designed and built to convert biomass feedstock to liquid fuel. The client supplied the process technology and EPIC developed detailed P&ID’s for process scale-up. This biomass to fuel pilot plant allowed a major fuel producer to explore alternative means of refining fuel.

KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Multi-stage separation process, biomass to liquid fuel, proof-of-concept plant, 12 sampling points, integrated utilities

Pilot Plant Takes Solid Biomass to Usable Liquid Compounds

Gas to liquid process systemA pilot plant was engineered and manufactured by EPIC Systems to extract usable carbons from coal to be used in the petrochemical industry. The process technology involved a biomass feedstock to generate liquid compounds by treating the feedstock with hot compressed water. The process took solid biomass and converted it to liquid compounds for the customer use in the petrochemical industry.

KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Flexible reaction times, dual-head pumps for precise flow-rate adjustments, multi-heater design that reduces start-up time and product waste

Why EPIC Modular Process?

We are experienced at fully extracting your technical, operational and commercial specifications. We combine those with our knowledge of process capabilities, scale-up, and modular design/build to help you “Do It Better.” Our process for building complete modular process systems includes:

  • Implementing Front-End Engineering to ensure the highest quality through the most important step of the project – project scope development.
  • Modular design/fabrication reduces downtime through parallel construction as opposed to traditional stick build methods. The result is cost-savings, improved safety and more efficient project delivery.
  • Maintaining an open line of communication with our client policy to promote innovation and collaboration.
  • Achieving a transfer of knowledge, not just completing general training, for the systems we provide but training plant staff to be 100% self sufficient.

For a better solution, contact EPIC today.

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