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Process Systems & Pilot Plants

Find Modular Skids Relevant to Your Application

An EPIC craftsman installs a modular skids at a food production plant

Scaling your process with a modular process skid will help you avoid interruptions to production and ensure higher quality fabrication of your process equipment. Quality construction of modular skids requires partnering with savvy process engineering experts. EPIC’s modular process skids are designed to demonstrate the viability of a process technology without the cost of a full production-level system. As an experienced process engineering design and modular process fabrication company, EPIC can save you from costly mistakes. Using in-plant knowledge and a compressed build schedule, your technology is proven faster and production rates are met or exceeded.

You bring the process technology; EPIC does the rest. We provide complete process modular skid construction services. EPIC’s process scale-up team will navigate the challenges of modular plant design and fabrication as your partner. We have over 20 years of experience providing both singular skids and full, multiple process skid systems. Learn more about the advantages of our modular approach, or explore the common types of process modules and modular systems that we design, build and integrate.

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Modular Process Skids

Batch Manufacturing Plants & Systems

Highly accurate, safe, and capital-efficient batch manufacturing systems that don’t interrupt your current operations during construction are what EPIC project managers provide. Batch processing skids are one of the most popular types of modular skids we build, and we are experts at achieving accurate ingredient metering and modular process skid repeat-ability.

Visit our batch processing design and modular fabrication section to learn more…

Continuous Process System

Upgrade your plant faster and avoid downtime with a modular continuous production system from EPIC. We design, build and integrate many continuous modular process skids, including: mixing systems, in-line blending systems, gas-to-liquid process systems, continuous reaction systems, separation and dry blending systems.

See more information on continuous manufacturing systems

Distillation Columns & Systems

Achieving your desired separation with efficient spending depends on your process skid manufacturers ability to correctly design, model and fabricate your complete distillation system. Column sizing, tray spacing and distillation modeling are completed by EPIC’s distillation experts to ensure a successful scale-up of your distillation column. EPIC has modular expertise designing and fabricating fractional and vacuum distillation system, in addition to industrial columns.

Learn more about EPIC modular fabrication of distillation systems…

Steam Stripping

Steam stripping could be the answer for your VOC separation needs. Steam stripping, or steam distillation, is a method of separation that EPIC experts will design, simulate, fabricate and install to meet your separation and budgetary goals.

Learn more about Steam Stripping Distillation from EPIC…

Absorption Systems

Customize a turnkey absorption column that produces consistent results. Our absorption and project management experts will deliver the absorption solutions that will exceed commercial and technical expectations.

Learn more about Absorption Distillation from EPIC…

Solvent Recovery Systems

EPIC’s will customize your solvent recovery system no matter on your batch, continuous, single or multi-operational needs. We provide reclamation processes that are cost effective and meet industry specific requirements.

Learn more about Solvent Recovery Systems from EPIC…


Production & Commercial Plants

Scale-up of your production system requires experience in equipment selection, plants controls, process modeling, and process module  fabrication. EPIC has scaled up manufacturing processes for over 15 years and can partner with you to build a successful production plant. Our modular approach will get your plant on-line and your products on shelves faster.

Learn more about EPIC’s experience with fabrication of custom production plants and process modules

Industrial Pipe Bridges

Minimize interruption to your current operations and compress your project timeline with a modular design for your pipe bridge or piping subassemblies. All of our modular piping is designed and fabricated by our engineers and craftsmen. They are delivered pre-tested, pre-fitted and pre-insulated and/or heat traced. Offsite process skid fabrication ensures higher quality construction and reduces risk, as work is performed at safe heights in a controlled plant environment.

More about EPIC pipe bridges…

Raw Material Handling Systems

An automated raw material handling system will reduce risk and safely unload raw materials. Whether unloading, supplying raw materials or storing raw materials, EPIC can install an automated raw material handling system that meets your facility’s needs.

Learn more about raw material systems from EPIC…


Utility Systems for Production & Pilot Skids

Ready to run upon arrival, modular utility systems are a fast way to install the support systems your process or plant needs. We have experience designing and installing various types of utility systems including; heat transfer systems, electric heat trace systems, nitrogen generation, fuel delivery systems and clean-in-place systems.

View our utility systems page to learn more…

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Pilot Plant Skids

Pilot Plants & Demonstration Plants

If you have a technology that you need to prove, scale-up or test at production levels, an EPIC pilot or demonstration plant is your solution. We partner with you to take your process technology to the next stage. EPIC has over 20 years of experience with, equipment sizing, process modeling, control automation, integration and modular process fabrication. Our engineers will help you make your demonstration plant project a success.

Learn more about custom pilot plant design & modular skid construction services …

Demonstration Plants

Your process technology will be scaled to a level that proves viability and outputs at significant production levels. Commercial feasibility, market testing and on-going process optimization are proven with EPIC Demonstration Modules. Our modular, skid mounted systems are built specifically for your application and are delivered on-site, fully tested, and ready to “plug-and-play.” Get your process technology to market faster, and more cost effectively with a proven demonstration plant from EPIC.

Modular Process Plant Design

EPIC’s expert scale-up engineers work with you from the beginning of process plant design to build and automate full-scale commercial plants. EPIC handles every aspect of your modular production plant project from physical plant concept and process plant skid design to automation, instrumentation, and system integration of the internal plant workings. Our experienced process systems project managers and packaging engineering group provide complete turnkey systems. Our modular design and fabrication approach brings your modular process plant to market faster, reducing downtime and costs.

Pilot Plant and Modular Process Skid Examples

Pilot Plant with Split Frame Design Enables Distillation Column Installation

A hard to reach area of an agricultural chemicals plant was the only available spot for a needed ethanol distillation system. The system had to navigate a complicated installation path, including a lift and two 90 degree turns. A dual-skid pilot plant design allowed the system to navigate the complicated path and be installed at the back of the plant. The complete system extracted 91% ethanol and was installed on-time and on-budget, with reduced OSHA exposure hours. More…

Key Features: Ethanol distillation columns, hot oil heating system, heat exchanger, FEA analysis, pipe hydro-testing, vacuum pump

Bio-Polymer Separation Achieved with Industrial Steam Distillation System

Steam is injected into the client’s process to coagulate a bio-polymer in solvent. After the biopolymer is coagulated, a steam stripping process is used to distill the solvent off and leave the bio-polymer behind.

Steam was the optimum technology for this particular process because the steam injected into the bio-polymer/solvent solution acts as a barrier liquid to prevent the rubbery compound from trapping the solvent and hardening into a rubber plug. This process is currently running as a successful demonstration plant at Iowa State University, helping develop new biopolymer technologies.

Key Features: Steam injection, steam distillation, demonstration plant

Co2 Absorption Column Achieves 90% Sequestration

On a mission to reduce greenhouse gases, Akermin approached EPIC to design and build a demonstration plant to test their new C02 removal technology. Using a proprietary biocatalyst delivery system, the absorption system successfully removed 90% of CO2 from flue gas at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, AL. Recently the test absorption column was expanded after completing over 1,600 hours of successful continuous operation. More..

Key Features: Two-column absorption systems, proprietary client technology, DeltaV DCS controls

Two-Phase Batch Reaction System with Solvent Recovery

A steam stripping process was suggested and implemented by EPIC. This solution allowed water from the steam to act as a barrier liquid between the solvent and bio-polymer during separation, preventing the formation of a hardened plug. Solvent is recovered and reused during the steam stripping process.

Key Features: Steam stripping process, bio-polymer reaction

Liquid Blending Skid Adds 20 Flavors at Minimal Cost

An EPIC client required the addition of 20 flavors to their product mix with a limited budget and floor space. By using liquid blending ingredient trees instead of tanks, capitol costs were minimized. Pre-engineered, field-proven  in blending systems from EPIC provided a fast, economic solution that allowed the client to drastically expand their product portfolio with minimal equipment additions. Read more about the liquid blending case study….

Key features: Pre-mix blend skid, in line liquid blending system, coupled blending and filler system, back pressure control, product-to-product washout

Chemical Pilot Plant with Batch Reaction System

A batch reactor system for a proprietary ion exchange reaction allowed successful scale-up of an R&D system. EPIC designed the unit with limited knowledge of the end product. By understanding the sequence of operations, and not the full details of the client’s process, we were able to fulfill the client’s need for confidentiality. The basic process involved several chemicals mixing and then run across a catalyst. The catalyst allowed ions to be exchanged and altered the chemical make-up of the mixture. Read the full chemical pilot plant case study…

Key Features: Catalytic reactor, scale-up of R&D process, low flow, highly corrosive, effluent treatment system, Teflon lined pipiing, tight footprint

Modular Production Plant Upgrade & Relocation Saves Money with Expert Design

Replacing a stick-build plan with a modular production system reduced the client’s project timeline by four months and allowed for a fast facility conversion. The client took over a contract manufacturing plant, and needed to replace the existing process with a new modular commercial plant, which include six min tank modules, raw material pumping systems, and packaging equipment. EPIC saved the client $8-10 million in estimated costs through the modular production plant approach. Read more about the full process plant conversion…

KEY FEATURES: modular process plants, batch mixing systems, raw material farm and pipe bridges, packaging lines 

Pipe Rack Module Fabrication Reduces Risks & Cuts Timeline by 50%

A pipe rack destined for a highly restricted area at a refinery, saw major timeline improvements and risk reduction from off-site modular pipe rack fabrication by EPIC’s industrial piping specialists. RMD welding was performed off-site. This process resulted in faster fabrication and higher quality welds due to off-site completion. Risk was reduced by performing the welds in a controlled fabrication plant environment instead of in the field. Welding would not have been possible during facility operations. Learn more about this off-site industrial piping system fabrication...

Key Features: 800+ feet of modular industrial piping systems, self-regulating heat-trace system, RO water filtration system, RMD welding

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