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EPIC Polymer Mixing Systems

How to Mix Polymer with a Turnkey Polymer Mixing System

EPIC engineers bring deep experience to polymer blending and mixing system design, engineering and construction. By working with EPIC Systems, you can expect a polymer blending system that boasts several benefits including:

  • Increases the value of any off-spec or off-grade product
  • Lowers your capital investment for special manufacturing and blending equipment
  • Reduces the amount of product waste from the blending process
  • Increases the value of your inventory

And on every project, we strive to deliver the EPIC advantage:

  • Streamlined project management
  • Risk reduction — reliable automation that reduces human error
  • Consistent, reliable blending systems
  • Flexible automation framework — we’ll plan, stage and deliver your project for maximum scalability and long-term stability
  • Reporting ­— consistent reports on preventative maintenance, process variables, production flowrate and QC
  • Centralized view — get all production data in one place
  • Ongoing support

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Polymer Mixing & Polymer Blending Examples

Batch Reactor System Automates Production

A resin manufacturer needed to move a process from an old plant to a new manufacturing facility. EPIC was approached to duplicate and upgrade an existing batch reactor system for the new location. Aging equipment had become a safety concern for the client, but the specific process steps and a space limitation restricted options.

Key Features: Batch polymer reactor system, Dual reactors on a single skid design, Raw materials handling & ingredient additions, Hazardous material handling

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Polymer Mixing Skid with Intrinsically Safe I/O

EPIC engineered and fabricated an explosion-proof, multi-use batch reaction process systems skid for an innovative polymer-manufacturing company. The system features two high-viscosity batch reactors, positive displacement pumps with a wide range of motor speeds, and intrinsically safe I/O barriers and wiring. This customer benefited from EPIC’s 25+ years of experience in batch process systems and HAZOP.

Key Features: Two high-viscosity batch reactors, Compact Engineering Design, Intrinsically safe I/O barriers and wiring, Positive displacement pumps with a wide range of motor speeds, Additional XP (explosion proof) hardware

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Turnkey Polymer Mixing & Polymer Blending Systems

At EPIC Systems, we provide full-service, end-to-end design-build of turnkey polymer mixing & blending systems, including:

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    Concept Development

    You bring the process technology; we help design your polymer mixing system

  • null

    Front End Loading (FEL)

    Get a fixed bid quote and preliminary system design

  • null

    Polymer Mixing System Design

    Detailed design of your polymer mixing or blending system with 3D modeling and simulation

  • null

    Automation & Controls Engineering

    In-house controls developed by EPIC’s automation engineers

  • null

    In-House Fabrication & Assembly

    Production-style fabrication in controlled shop conditions

  • null

    Polymer Mixing System Installation

    Our unique approach helps you avoid production downtime and gets you to startup faster

  • null

    Startup & Commissioning

    We remain onsite during full startup, punch list resolution, and operator training

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    Parts & Customer Service

    Contact EPIC anytime to keep your specialty chemicals plant running smoothly

What are the benefits of polymer blending or polymer mixing?

By bringing together the physical and chemical properties of multiple polymers, the new polymer blend provides new properties and enhances the performance of the new material above and beyond those of the individual polymers.

For example, one polymer blending project may combine a small number of high-cost polymers with larger amounts of inexpensive polymers to create a strong, cost-efficient material. Some of these properties can include:

  • Greater resilience to natural elements — e.g. light or water
  • Enhanced temperature resistance
  • More durability and flexibility
  • Improved tensile strength

Various additives play different roles in the polymer blending process, for example:

  • Adding color to a polymer blend
  • Applying a heat, light or water-resistant coating
  • Catalyzing the polymer mixing process
  • Strengthening the polymer blend

What is polymer blending?

Polymer blending is the process of combining two or more polymers into a new, more advantageous polymer suitable for specific applications.

Various polymer compounds require different polymer mixing/blending methods, including precise feeding, melting and dispersion of additives to achieve a homogeneous blend. These polymer blending processes commonly result in the physical form of small pellets or granules.

What is a polymer?

Polymers are found in a wide range of common materials and products. At the most basic level, a polymer is simply a chain of molecules consisting of repeating subunits (two or more linked monomers). Various polymer chains possess unique physical and chemical properties.

Some common synthetic polymers include plastics, polystyrene, rubber, rayon, polyethylene, nylon, vinyl and Styrofoam, while molecule chains like DNA and proteins are natural polymers.

Working with EPIC on Your Polymer Mixing System

EPIC’s full-service polymer mixing and polymer blending systems include:

  • Storage tanks used for blending
  • Mixing tanks
  • Hoppers and systems to load & bag polymer in the hoppers
  • Systems for mixing polymers into fine particles
  • Let-down tanks to store and stir the mixture
  • Tank heating systems
  • Electrical power panel with operator controls

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