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Infographic: Advantages of Modular Process Design

Modular process methods feature significant benefits over stick build. A modular process system is fabricated in a dedicated proces skid fabrication shop and not in your plant, like traditional systems. This offsite fabrication allows for several advantages, mainly schedule compression. Offsite fabrication of modules means that any site upgrades that need to happen in your plant can happen simultaneously.

Other advantages to modular design are realized becauuse of the highly specialized nature of skid fabricaiton shops. Dedictaed expert craftsmen that build many modules a year and a controlled production-style environemnt result in higher quality construction. Complete “plug-and-play” systems arrive at your facility ready to be hooked up and turned on immediately because they are self-contained, fully operational, and fully tested.

Learn more about the benefits of modular design below in our inforgraphic:

Video: Modular Process Design Advantages

If you don’t want to read the infographic above, we also have a nifty video that walks you through some of the major benefits of modular design:

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