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Modular Process Systems & Skids

EPIC Modular Skid Fabrication

Why Choose EPIC? Turnkey Modular Process Skids

What makes EPIC different from other skid manufacturers? We break down silos with a unique collaboration process through design, engineering, and fabrication of process skids. We take turnkey responsibility to reduce your risk and complete your process faster than the competition

Everyone at EPIC is empowered with ownership within their responsibility. This allows us to find potential problems faster and creates project efficiencies. We know you are busy. After we fully understand your needs, we become an extension of what you want to accomplish so you can focus on your day to day job.

We’re able to achieve this shared success with our customers, thanks in large part to our robust in-house expertise that covers chemical engineering, 3D module design, controls engineering, carbon and stainless-steel fabrication, quality assurance, equipment integration, and 25+ years of experience managing modular skid projects. Our project managers think of every detail, so you don’t have to. Click on the adjacent video to hear one of our repeat customers recount some of his experiences working with EPIC.

Modular Skid Examples

Since 1995, we’ve developed modular skid designs for several process applications including batch mixing and blending, batch reaction, in-line blending and dosing, emulsion, distillation, solvent recovery, absorption, steam stripping, pipe bridges, raw material handling, clean-in-place (CIP), and a variety of utility process skids.

You can view photos of some of our modular process skids below or read detailed examples of EPIC’s modular skid design projects on our case studies page.

Modular Process Skids Pricing

To get pricing information or discuss your project with an EPIC engineer, please call 314-714-1580 or fill out the form below.

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Steps to Modular Skid Design and Fabrication

Whether you’ve completed your modular skid design, or you’re starting with a sketch on the back of a napkin, EPIC has the resources to complete your modular skid project in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Read through the steps below to see where your project fits within our turnkey skid design process.

Step 1: Concept Development

Send us your process technology and we’ll work with you to eliminate unknowns and create an engineered quotation. If you’re process technology isn’t fully developed, call us and we’ll direct you to a reputable process engineering company.

Step 2: Front End Loading

Allow EPIC to engineer during the front end of your project to protect you and your business from expensive surprises down the road. Whether you need a refined cost estimate of +/- 15% (EPIC’s FEL 2) or a fixed bid quote (EPIC’s FEL 3), we’ll carefully consider and price every aspect of your project to provide you with a complete quote, not just a misleading “quick quote.”

Step 3: Modular Skid Design

With process and mechanical engineering completed, EPIC will create 2D and 3D models of your physical skid design. This will inform you of how equipment will be laid out and help us get a clearer picture of how we’ll be able to install and integrate the finished modular process skids.

Step 4: Automation & Controls Engineering

As we prepare to fabricate your modular skid, an EPIC project manager will collaborate with in-house electrical engineers to align on a suitable automation and process control package. This might include control panel fabrication, PLC programming, IT and data collection integrations, and a number of other considerations to ensure a seamless integration at your process plant.

Step 5: Fabrication & Assembly

Depending on the materials of construction required, our skilled craftsmen will fabricate your modular skid in either our stainless steel or carbon steel fabrication shop. These facilities are isolated from one another to prevent cross-contamination. Our craftsmen follow procedures set forth by the American Welding Association (AWS) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Quality assurance is typically handled in-house with our experienced QA technicians.

Step 6: Process Skid Installation

After fabrication and off-site factory acceptance testing (FAT), EPIC will complete a full process skid installation at your site. This includes shipping and logistics, skid installation, complete plant integration, and a number of additional pre-startup responsibilities.

Step 7: Startup & Commissioning

Upon installation, we will conduct a thorough site acceptance test (SAT) to ensure a successful integration. At this point, EPIC’s engineers will remain on-site to assist with troubleshooting, instrumentation checkout, and punch list resolution. We’ll also stick around to provide line operators with training for the new commissioned modular skids.

Step 8: Parts & Customer Service

After the project is completed, EPIC remains committed to the successful operation of equipment. Our team provides ongoing customer support that includes:

  • Technical support, including
    • Automation and programming troubleshooting
    • On-demand issue troubleshooting
    • Remote access problem resolution (if desired)
  • Re-send key project documentation
  • Evaluate current performance against original specifications or FAT/SAT testing results
  • Retrofits, rebuilds and system expansions
  • Operator training or re-training
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Field services
  • Engineering studies for uptime efficiency, ergonomics, or other needs
  • Add new technologies for compliance, energy savings, enhanced product tracking, etc.
  • Install automated QA systems, including Advanced Vision Systems
  • Maintenance and reliability planning
  • Capitol cost planning
  • Replacement parts sourcing

EPIC Modular Process Skids Example

Curious what this process looks like in action? Choose from the list of examples below to learn how EPIC has helped past customers.

EPIC Modular Process Systems
4134 Meramec Bottom Rd
St. Louis, MO 63129, US