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Skid Design & Build

Advantages to Working with a Modular Skid Fabricator

How a Modular Skid Fabricator Saves Time, Minimizes Disruption and Reduces Costs

Modular skid fabrication methods for process systems take a traditional system design and fit it into a self-contained unit. EPIC’s multi-disciplined engineering teams will design a system that is customized for your needs. Our project engineers work with our automation and process engineers, along with our in-house craftsmen and safety mangers to design a system that will work to your specifications.

One advantage a skid fabricator can bring over a stick build system is portability. A skid can be designed in a frame that can be lifted and moved as a single piece of equipment to any location in the world. The advantages to this approach range from off-site construction in a controlled environment to shorter project timelines, reduced equipment footprints and fewer OSHA exposure hours.

While there may be some size limits to modular skids for shipping, large complex systems can still benefit from modular process design. Multi-skid units can be built to work together in a modular system design, creating a full process system in self-contained parts. This ultimately leads to better quality and faster completion times.

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One of the main benefits of process system modularization is a shorter overall project timeline. This is achieved by allowing site civil and facilities construction to happen at your facility, while process systems are built into skids offsite at the process skid fabrication facility. An additional advantage to this offsite skid construction is that usually, this means process systems are built indoors, under ideal plant conditions in your skid fabricator’s plant.

Fastest Time to Market

  • Modular construction occurs in parallel with site civil and facilities work in-plant
  • Weather delays are eliminated during build as modules are completed inside the skid fabrication plant
  • Start-up time is minimized since modules are shipped by your skid fabricator fully assembled and tested.

Cost Savings

  • Modular design build is faster, leading to less labor and material costs
  • Lower capital and labor costs are achieved through efficient use of material and a smaller field crew
  • For multi-unit projects, maximum capital efficiency is achieved by designing once and building exact duplicates
  • Less steel is required
  • Product transportation costs are lower as modules can be strategically placed in locations that are closer to end-users
  • Off-site construction of modular process systems does not interrupt or shut-down pre-existing operations

Reduced Resource Requirements

  • EPIC’s State-of-the-art plant is already set up with all the equipment to complete a modular process system
  • No extra space is required on-site; modular process systems are constructed off-site
  • Requires a smaller crew and less materials than traditional stick-built operations.

Superior Safety

  • Systems undergo full process system testing and checkout prior to shipment by your skid fabricator providing faster startup
  • Higher quality with full compliance to ASME B31.3 and BPE 2007
  • Safety risks are reduced for plant personnel with fewer onsite OSHA exposure hours and smaller crew sizes
  • Safety risks are reduced because process skid construction happens in ideal plant conditions

Quality Assembly

  • Welding, pipe-fitting and other fabrication processes are performed under ideal conditions
  • Highly trained and experienced assembly and fabrication technicians are all ready employed by the modular system provider, ensuring consistent work and worker availability

More Advantages

  • Modules provide for easy relocation as your business needs change
  • Secrecy of process technology is protected as fabrication occurs behind closed doors in EPIC’s state-of-the-art plant.
  • Higher quality is achieved through controlled, production style skid construction of the system in the skid fabrication plant


Explore the additional benefits of a process plant modularization or contact EPIC to discuss if your system could benefit from modular skid design.

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Would you like your process skid to be built faster? Or take up less space in your plant? Would you like to shave months off of your project schedule? These are a few of the advantages that modular process skid design holds over traditional process design. Explore the infographic below to see more advantages to this modern approach to process design:

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