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Modular Process Systems & Skids

Modular Process Plant Design

You’ve been tasked with building or updating a process plant.  Where do you begin? Specifying the appropriate equipment, controls, and data collection equipment while ensuring the highest quality output from your production plant can be daunting. EPIC’s expert scale-up engineers work with you from the beginning of process plant design to build and automate full-scale commercial plants.

EPIC handles every aspect of your modular production plant project from physical plant concept and process plant skid design to automation, instrumentation, and system integration of the internal plant workings. Our experienced process systems project managers and packaging engineering group provide complete turnkey systems. Our modular design and fabrication approach brings your modular process plant to market faster, reducing downtime and costs.

Featured Process Plant Case Studies

Commercial Plant Utilizes Modular Process Plant Design to Meet Aggressive Project Schedule

A greenfield facility takes advantage of modular skid construction to reduce project timeline and cost for blending and batching manufacturing. EPIC designed, built and integrated the entire modular plant for the client, including multiple process skids and packaging lines.

Key Features: Greenfield facility, sanitary blending skids, batch mixing systems, liquid packaging, powder packaging, utilities, automation design, bulk packaging operations

Modular Production Plant Upgrade & Relocation Saves Money with Expert Design

Replacing a stick-build plan with a modular production system reduced the client’s project timeline by four months and allowed for a fast facility conversion. The client took over a contract manufacturing plant and needed to replace the existing process with a new modular commercial plant, which includes six min tank modules, raw material pumping systems, and packaging equipment. EPIC saved the client $8-10 million in estimated costs through the modular production plant approach. Read more about the full process plant conversion…

KEY FEATURES: modular process plants, batch mixing systems, raw material farm and pipe bridges, packaging lines.  

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Client Testimonial 

We know that they can do more than just get the job done; they can get it done right. We collaborate with inventive thinking based on efficiency and do not simply rely on what worked before for another client. We truly share mutual respect. Oftentimes, we want input on our own designs and if they are the most effective and as efficient as they can be. We look to EPIC and they put our doubt and fear to rest through research and experiential proof. They get the parts on time and manage every facet of our projects flawlessly.”

– Senior process engineer | a top agricultural chemicals company

Why EPIC Process Plants & Modular Production Systems?

We take your process technology and scale it up, without sacrificing quality. We are experienced at fully extracting your technical, operational and commercial specifications. We combine those with our knowledge of process capabilities, scale-up, and modular design/build to help you “Do It Better.” Our process for building complete modular process plants includes:

  • Utilizing Front-End Engineering to ensure the proper steps are taken during project scope development
  • Modular process plant design/fabrication that reduces traditional downtime through parallel construction and results in cost-savings, increased safety and faster project delivery. Learn more about the benefits of modular design…
  • Maintaining an open door client policy to promote innovation and communicate. We invite clients to visit EPIC throughout the development of commercial plants.
  • Imparting a transfer of knowledge, not just basic training, for the systems and equipment we provide

For a better process plant solution, contact EPIC today.

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