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Modular Process Systems & Skids

Examples of Modular Pilot Plants Designed by EPIC

EPIC builds plants that range in size from a single demonstration skid to multi-module pilot plants. Whatever size demonstration plant  you need to test and prove your technology, our experts will make it happen safely and efficiently.

Modular pilot plants are a flexible solution that combine cost and time savings with production level test equipment. EPIC will help you prove your technology by providing a pilot skid that meets your testing, data collection and production level run needs. Contact an Engineer today to start designing your pro.

Featured Pilot Plants and Process Modules

Automated Pilot Plant Increases Production 60%

Chemical Pilot Plants webAn automotive chemicals client approached EPIC about upgrading an existing pilot plant to an increased level of automation and added formulation capabilities.  EPIC performed automation upgrades, added new processing steps, and programmed a new batch management software. These upgrades resulted in a 60% production increase.

Key Features: Batch reaction process, automated batching controls, process module automation, chemical pilot plants.

Two Phase Batch Reaction-to-Distillation Pilot Plant

Biofuel pilot plantsArgo Genesis partnered with EPIC to take a newly formulated asphalt additive and scale it to a pilot plant. EPIC worked with lab data and the client’s knowledge of the process to design and fabricate a two-phase batch-reaction-to-distillation processing plant. The final pilot module serves as a test plant for R&D bio-polymer development at Iowa State University.

Key features: Two phase batch reaction-to-distillation system, technology scale-up, bio-polymer processing system

Sanitary Blending Systems for St. Louis Food Plant

International Food Products approached EPIC about building sanitary blending process modules for a new $20 million facility in St. Louis, MO.  EPIC delivered the batch blending systems as well as seven liquid and powder processing lines. The new blending area is modular and increases the efficiency of International Food Products’ liquid process lines.

Key Features: Batch blending systems, liquid processing and packaging lines, sanitary and food safety requirments

Pilot Scale System Achieves 90% CO2 Sequestrationpilot plant engineering companies

A pilot-scale distillation system allowed the client to test various system parameters and prove a new CO2 removal technology. CO2 was removed from flue gas in a two-step distillation process. More about this distillation system…

Key Features: Pilot plants’ weight – 39,000 lbs. Height – 51 feet tall, dual packed distillation columns, DeltaV DCS, Class 1, Div 1

Pilot Plant Manufacturers Design/Build Pilot Skid for Alternative Energy

pilot plant design and constructionA proof-of-concept design was custom engineered for a future technology to convert biomass to liquid fuel. The self-contained process skid tested and validated the production feasibility of a multi-stage separation process. Read more about the advanced module that validates alternative energy…

Key Features: Multi-stage separation process, proof-of-concept module, industrial feasibility testing, integrated utility systems, 12+ sampling points, chemical pilot plants

Proprietary Technology Proven With Pilot Module 

EPIC Systems’ engineering team helped the client design a modular ion exchange pilot system to upgrade a proprietary process to the commercial level. The system was fabricated by EPIC’s in-house pilot plant company in a short project schedule due to a customer specified timeline. Read more about the ion exchange pilot skid…

Key Features: Modular plant design, proprietary client technology, commercial level production with industrial grade components, instrumentation & sampling points, highly corrosive chemical, effluent treatment, elaborate piping specification.

Innovatipilot plant company ve Dual Skid Design Enable 91% Ethanol Extraction

A creative two-skids-in-one design allows client to fit a critical distillation system in tight plant footprint. Pilot plant services: system design, fabrication and installation, carefully designed and executed by EPIC based on client lab-scale data. Read more about the innovative distillation skid design…

Key Features: Two five spool distillation columns rate 15psig at 250 degrees F, reflux loops, hot oil system, hydrotesting, FEA analysis, Vacuum pump and heat exchanger

Client Testimonial

“I have found, with no exception, EPIC to be a pilot plant company of high technical capability, high quality of construction that always has delivered what they committed to on the date committed to.  Finding a company that will do what they say they will do, when they say they will, and for the original price quoted has been hard to find in my experience but EPIC has always delivered exceptional pilot plants for me.  Add high quality people, high technical proficiency, and high quality products and that is an equation that has worked well for me as a customer and I have come to value the partnership approach they bring to each projects.”Sr. Director of Corporate Engineering, NicePak International

Why do process scale up projects fail? Proving production feasibility while balancing cost and construction schedules is challenging. You must find a company that has the right combination of chemical engineering knowledge and expert pilot plant services, including process plant project management.

EPIC has an experienced group of process scale-up engineers that help you navigate through the technical and logistical project landmines. We work with our clients to achieve efficiency and meet output goals with a custom industrial pilot plant design and build solution.

To learn more about pilot plants and EPIC’s services, contact an engineer today.

For more examples of modular pilot plant designed/construction and demonstration modules, visit our photo gallery…


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