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Process Module Sizes

Pilot Skids

chemical pilot skidsEPIC offers pilot skids in three main sizes: pilot plant, demonstration plant or full-production plants. We do not normally do bench scale systems, instead, we focus on scaling your process to be successful on commercial equipment. Select a pilot skid size below to learn more:

Pilot Skids by Size

Pilot Plant Skids

Using proven scale-up methods EPIC builds pilot plant skids that successfully validate your technology, test commercial level equipment, and provide a viable path forward. Chemical processes, gas and oil, consumer products, pharmaceuticals; we service a variety of industries with both industrial and sanitary pilot modules. Your technology plus our expertise in pilot plant design & build methods equals a winning combination. Learn more about pilot plant design or contact an EPIC pilot plant expert today: 314-714-1580. 

Demonstration Module Skids

Demonstration plants are sometimes considered the same thing as a pilot plant skid, but are generally larger. Our demonstration modules are designed to prove process return on investment, produce significant levels of product and help you reach that next commercial phase. See examples of past demonstration plants we’ve designed and built, read more about demonstration plant skid development, or contact a scale-up expert today.

Production Scale Skids

Take full advantage of off-site modular plant construction to shorten your project timeline, minimizing interruption of existing operations or completing site civil work in parallel with process system design and build. We build modular production plants that arrive full fabricated, tested and assembled at your site for fast commissioning. With over 20 years of modular design and build experience, our proven methods mean your production system project will be a success. Contact an engineer today or learn more about commercial systems from EPIC.

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