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Consumer Products

Fragrance Mixing Systems for Sanitary Consumer Products

You don’t have to solve the challenge of designing cost-efficient, flexible, compliant, high-quality consumer products manufacturing systems alone. For more than 20 years, our team of experienced manufacturing engineers have partnered with consumer products manufacturers to deliver flexible, cost-efficient process systems with proven performance.

Our engineers will design a turnkey process system that addresses your project’s unique challenges and improves your ability to change, track and manage products throughout their life-cycle.

Ready to talk to an EPIC engineer about your project? Call 314-714-1580 or contact us.

Fragrance Mixing Systems for International Consumer Product

A consumer fragrance company needed two new multi-skid fragrance mixing systems designed, fabricated and delivered to two different international plant locations to produce a new product that was being introduced to the market. EPIC scaled up the new time-release fragrance technology and fabricated two multi-skid batch blending systems. One including a Clean-in-Place (CIP) module that was installed and integrated at a different location within the client’s facility. More…

Key Features: Fragrance mixing systems, fragrance mixing skid, Process Scale up, Design, fabrication and delivery of two distinct systems simultaneously

food plant

Flavor Mixing Skid Adds 20 flavors at Minimal Cost

With a limited budget and limited floor space, the client needed to double the flavors mixed in their existing facility. A pre-engineered, field-proven flavor mixing skid from EPIC provided a fast, economic solution that allowed the client to drastically expand the product portfolio with minimal equipment additions. More…

Key Features: PLC to automate mixing and prevent flavor mix-ups, Product-to-product wash out, Outside pre-mix blending skid, flavor mixing skid

inline blending process system

Soap Processing Skid Provides Client with EPIC Proven Solution

The client was facing fines for excessive soap developing in wastewater released from the manufacturing facility. EPIC designed and installed a clean-in-place washout & wastewater neutralization system to prevent soap processing systems  foaming in effluent leaving the plant. More…

Key Features: Hygienic CIP Washout System, Three separate pH level checks, Allen Bradley PLC controls

Modular Design Rescues Schedule for Deodorant Processing Plant

Re-engineering a deodorant plant to fit into four large modular process skids, shaved four months off a client project schedule. The project was fabricated simultaneously with site-improvements and packaging equipment installation. EPIC helped the client avoid short shipping and stay under the fixed-bid price, keeping the project within budget. The client estimated that $8-10 million dollars were saved by the project. More…

Key Features: sanitary batch mixing and batch reactor systems, 3A sanitary grade piping, FDA topical product, flammable/combustible area classification studies, sanitary USP grade DI water

Portable Make-Up Batching System Brings Flexibility to Packaging Line

A large cosmetics company required a flexible batch mixing solution, integrated into various packaging lines within their plant. A solid ingredient needed to be liquefied to be properly packaged. The space constraints and limited budget required a flexible solution. EPIC decreased the change-over time and ensured makeup consistency by designing and fabricating portable sanitary batching systems. More…

Key Features: Portable batch blending skids with hot-dosing pumps, integrated control systems, photo-eye triggered filling system

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We take your technology and the required unit operations, and we design, build and install a custom process system for your consumer product. Popular types of systems we build, include:

Products Worked With

We have experience working with several specific types of sanitary consumer products, including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Batteries and other electronics
  • Personal care products
    • Soaps, shampoo, body wash
  • Pet care products
  • Child care products
  • Homecare products
  • And more

Even if your product is not listed above, we can help you design a custom modular process system or packaging lineContact an engineer today to start discussing your specific application.

Contact an engineer today to start designing your sanitary process system.

An isolated sanitary shop and capabilities for cosmetics, personal care, and other sanitary consumer product’s needs. Our sanitary process team ensures system design and fabrication have proper instrumentation orientation, zero dead legs, 20 RA finish, proper slope-to-low point drain, and other features that help you achieve septic disinfection, isolation of allergens and other requirements to meet E-Hedge, USP, Hygienic sanitation, and so on as needed.

Our in-house quality assurance team inspects and green tags all systems to make sure they are compliant with regulations including ASME BPA, 3-A Standards, GMP practices, FDA, CPSA, CPSIA, and any other industry-specific concerns. Our QA team also completes PMI & MTR verification, Visual Weld Inspections & Radiography, Material Certifications, Chemical Cleaning & Passivation, Riboflavin Testing and Sanitary Transport Requirements. EPIC performs QA checks and testing before systems leave our facility to ensure smooth startup once at your plant.

Validation and check-out are integrated into your sanitary system from the first design meeting. Meeting sanitary standards, ensuring piping, equipment and process layout are optimized to eliminate dead-legs. EPIC ensures your consumer products are up to code and the fabrication of your sanitary tubing are expertly executed. Our sanitary capabilities page summarizes our full range of capabilities around sanitary process system design.

EPIC offered an in-house construction service where they built modular skids for our blending systems. Six modular units containing two blending vessels each were shipped to our plant and installed with very few problems.  In Illinois, we have very expensive construction labor.  While this endeavor saved us quite a bit of expense, we found the quality of their delivered product was top-notch, conforming to all ANSI and GMP standards.

– Manager | an oleochemical and personal care products company

“Our collaborative partnership with EPIC enabled us to deliver a strategically-important project on budget and within a very aggressive timeline. Installation and start-up were completed in a matter of weeks and products made in the EPIC-supplied equipment fully met expectations upon first production.”

– William P., Project Engineer | global manufacturer

Why Partner with EPIC for Your Next Process System?

EPIC’s process & packaging solutions offer several features that benefit consumer products manufacturers. These include:

  1. Almost a quarter centuries worth of hands-on manufacturing system design, fabrication, automation and installation. This experience means you aren’t getting our best guess at what might work, but the peace of mind that the techniques we are using have worked and are proven to improve your manufacturing process
  2. Easy-to-use and customized recipes automation for flexible recipe and flavor formulation, tracking, and management
  3. Integration of line data into plant automation software’s including MES, SAP, and resource planning systems which help you track products down to individual SKU’s, streamline resource management, and reduce long-term inventory costs
  4. Space and cost saving strategies like flexible flavor dosing systems and our modular design approach. By using a modular approach, we are able to construct your system in a controlled shop environment. The modular approach minimizes interruption to your operations, allows for higher quality welds that occur simultaneously with any onsite civil upgrades. Our customers see an average 24% cost savings from this approach.
  5. A one-stop-shop including engineering design, automation, fabrication, and quality assurance under one roof.
  6. Our onsite state-of-the-art fabrication plant ensures all systems are built and assembled under controlled production conditions by our full-time skilled craftsmen team. Our group of craftsmen have developed skills specific to manufacturing advanced processing and packaging lines for manufacturing, which means a higher quality system you can trust to last for years to come.
  7. Having a dedicated in-house automation team means there is clear communication between the fabrication shop, engineers and programmers, and automation development can happen alongside system integration and fabrication. Having the entire team working on your system under one roof saves you time and money while eliminating communication issues.

Contact an engineer today to start discussing your specific application.

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