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Optimize Your Detergent Manufacturing Process

What is keeping you up at night? Whether it’s how to expand existing operations, harness the power of automation, or add new processing capabilities, we know you have complex process detergent manufacturing issues… and we understand them.

EPIC’s team of engineers specialize in laundry detergent manufacturing processes, which have been helping manufacturers design, automate and build optimized detergent processing facilities for more than 25 years. As a result, all you need do is bring your specific manufacturing process, and EPIC does the rest. Our expertise extends beyond the following key manufacturing processes:

  • Mixing and blending
  • Raw material management
  • Late product differentiation
  • Quality assurance vision systems
  • Engineering design and planning services
  • Automated controls and process management

Learn more about the advantages of our laundry detergent manufacturing solutions or explore the common types of process systems and machine vision systems that we design, build, and integrate.

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How We Can Help You

Batch Manufacturing Plants & Systems

Highly accurate, safe, and capital-efficient batch manufacturing systems that don’t interrupt your current operations during construction are what EPIC project managers provide. Batch processing skids are one of the most popular types of modular skids we build, and we are experts at achieving accurate ingredient metering and modular process skid repeat-ability.

Visit our batch processing design and modular fabrication section to learn more…

Continuous Process System

Upgrade your plant faster and avoid downtime with a modular continuous production system from EPIC. We design, build and integrate many continuous modular process skids, including: mixing systems, in-line blending systems, gas-to-liquid process systems, continuous reaction systems, separation and dry blending systems.

See more information on continuous manufacturing systems

Production & Commercial Plants

Scale-up of your production system requires experience in equipment selection, plants controls, process modeling, and process module  fabrication. EPIC has scaled up manufacturing processes for over 15 years and can partner with you to build a successful production plant. Our modular approach will get your plant on-line and your products on shelves faster.

Learn more about EPIC’s experience with fabrication of custom production plants and process modules

Raw Material Handling Systems

An automated raw material handling system will reduce risk and safely unload raw materials. Whether unloading, supplying raw materials or storing raw materials, EPIC can install an automated raw material handling system that meets your facility’s needs.

Learn more about raw material systems from EPIC…


Vision Inspection Systems

EPIC vision systems are more reliable, requiring less maintenance due to a more detailed and robust design and unique programming methodology. An EPIC vision inspection system delivers superior pass/fail rates and efficiencies over out-of-the-box solutions. Our services range from custom packaging inspection systems to process feedback applications. EPIC engineers evaluate each line to design, program and customize a vision solution that’s right for you.

Learn more about vision inspection systems from EPIC…

Industrial Automation Systems

EPIC is a complete automation services company for intelligent control system design and complete automation system integration. Our proven control system development method will ensure you exceed your goals, stay under budget and provide long-term ROI. We provide turnkey automation solutions that start as a concept and are designed, programmed, and installed by EPIC.

Learn more about industrial automation systems from EPIC…

Pilot Plant Skids

Pilot Plants & Demonstration Plants

If you have a technology that you need to prove, scale-up or test at production levels, an EPIC pilot or demonstration plant is your solution. We partner with you to take your process technology to the next stage. EPIC has over 20 years of experience with, equipment sizing, process modeling, control automation, integration and modular process fabrication. Our engineers will help you make your demonstration plant project a success.

Learn more about custom pilot plant design & modular skid construction services …

Demonstration Plants

Your process technology will be scaled to a level that proves viability and outputs at significant production levels. Commercial feasibility, market testing and on-going process optimization are proven with EPIC Demonstration Modules. Our modular, skid mounted systems are built specifically for your application and are delivered on-site, fully tested, and ready to “plug-and-play.” Get your process technology to market faster, and more cost effectively with a proven demonstration plant from EPIC.

Modular Process Plant Design

EPIC’s expert scale-up engineers work with you from the beginning of process plant design to build and automate full-scale commercial plants. EPIC handles every aspect of your modular production plant project from physical plant concept and process plant skid design to automation, instrumentation, and system integration of the internal plant workings. Our experienced process systems project managers and packaging engineering group provide complete turnkey systems. Our modular design and fabrication approach brings your modular process plant to market faster, reducing downtime and costs.

Unit Dose Detergent Pack Inspection by EPIC

Identifying leaks in unit dose detergent packs are a challenge. Defects can be very small and sometimes the leaks only present themselves later in the production process. By then the leaks have spilled into hoppers and production lines, creating large amounts of downtime and waste. EPIC solved this problem using special lighting to clearly illuminate leaks, allowing the removal of defective packs before they progress downstream. Cleaning up any contamination early also avoids a larger contamination downstream. Read more about the unit dose detergent pack inspection case study….

Key features: Specialty UV lighting with bandpass to illuminate product, Cognex In-sight 5600 cameras, Control Panel, Touchscreen HMI

Blending System Design/Build Project Allows Client to Be First to Market with New Product

From the first purchase order to commission, the entire system was completed in two months. The completed skids could be immediately used upon installation, providing an instant change in the manufacturing plant. The quick completion schedule allowed the company to be first to market with a new competitive product. EPIC built and assembled all the modular skids in our state-of-the-art fabrication shop, allowing for secrecy of the new product and higher quality methods of construction.  Read more about the blending system design with a new product case study….

Key features: Raw materials pre-mix skid, full blending system, process/packaging integration, Wonderware HMI and Controllogix PLC integration

Complex Automation & Batch Mixing System Integration

The batch mixing system features intricate mixing stages and sophisticated automation. The process required integration of raw materials and transport systems, along with an automated bottle filling and packaging line. The entire modular process system was engineered to fit into an existing manufacturing plant with a tight footprint. Read more about the automation & batch mixing system case study….

Key features: Fully automated batch mixing system, data collection during batch processing, monitor mixing and make real time adjustments, control testing

Liquid Blending Skid Adds 20 Flavors at Minimal Cost

An EPIC client required the addition of 20 flavors to their product mix with a limited budget and floor space. By using liquid blending ingredient trees instead of tanks, capitol costs were minimized. Pre-engineered, field-proven  in blending systems from EPIC provided a fast, economic solution that allowed the client to drastically expand their product portfolio with minimal equipment additions. Read more about the liquid blending case study….

Key features: Pre-mix blend skid, in line liquid blending system, coupled blending and filler system, back pressure control, product-to-product washout

Modular Production Plant Upgrade & Relocation Saves Money with Expert Design

Replacing a stick-build plan with a modular production system reduced the client’s project timeline by four months and allowed for a fast facility conversion. The client took over a contract manufacturing plant, and needed to replace the existing process with a new modular commercial plant, which include six min tank modules, raw material pumping systems, and packaging equipment. EPIC saved the client $8-10 million in estimated costs through the modular production plant approach. Read more about the full process plant conversion…

Key features: Modular process plants, batch mixing systems, raw material farm and pipe bridges, packaging lines 

We Support the Detergent Brands You Trust & the Products You Rely On

We are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading brands and liquid detergent manufacturers to make a difference in people’s every­day lives by:

  • Making sure the soap you buy is mixed accurately and safely
  • The products you purchase have the right best by and expiration dates
  • The products you use are made correctly
  • The package has no defects
  • And many other ways

How can we help you improve your operations, your product, and your customers lives?

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