Modular Process Systems & Skids

Beer Processing

EPIC has the engineering experience and expertise to help you set up your custom brewing process. Just as each brewery has its own unique process for producing truly original beers and brews, EPIC takes a unique and personalized approach to every project. Our engineers take the time to understand what your needs are and the challenges you face. Based on a mutually agreed upon budget and project scope, we design and build a beer processing skid, from concept to start-up, that accomplishes your objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

Beer Processing Design and Integration

EPIC can help you to design, build, and install the beer processing equipment that fits your brewery’s needs in the shortest time possible. EPIC can customize the automation of your process line to make it as hands-on or hands-free as your brewing needs demand. EPIC will make sure that your brewing process skid runs smoothly and seamlessly integrates into your beer packaging lines. The following beer process equipment may be included in your brewing line:

  • Mills
  • Mash vessels
  • Lauter tubs
  • Brewkettles
  • Wort receivers, coolers, settlers
  • Hop jacks
  • Fermenting tanks
  • Lager tanks
  • Chillproofing tanks
  • Racking tanks
  • Filtration systems
  • Yeast tanks
  • CO2 lines
  • Sterile air lines
  • Pasteurization systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Filtered beer tanks
  • Strainers


Beer Packaging

Interested beyond the beer process and looking into bottling, canning, or packaging your beer in kegs? EPIC can help you with your beer packaging needs.

Vision Systems for Brewers

Leaky kegs, cans, or bottles? Missing crowns? Misapplied labels? EPIC has a machine vision system to solve your brewery’s problems.

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