Renewable Energy Process Systems & Pilot Plants

Design and Build of Carbon Capture Plants & Other Renewable Energy Process Technology Skids

A CO2 Capture Plant Module is tested on-siteWith a range of financial, regulatory and technical issues, every renewable technologies scale-up project demands proven expertise.  At EPIC, we’ve served the renewable energy industry for decades, developing everything from large carbon capture plants to lab-installed pyrolysis skids. Our expertise spans a vast range of renewable energy technologies, including:

  • Biomass to liquid fuel
  • Flue gas carbon dioxide removal
  • Gas-liquid membrane absorption
  • Carbon capture plants and systems
  • Absorption columns
  • Batch pyrolysis
  • Scrubbing systems
  • Ethanol distillation
  • And More

Production system design & commissioning or new technology scale-up, we bring an expert team and complete design-build capabilities to deliver your renewable energy process engineering system. From mixing systems to emission reduction scrubbing applications, our team offers experienced process system project management. Contact EPIC to start discussing your application or explore the tabs below to learn more about our capabilities:

CO2 Capture Plant Removes Carbon from Coal Plant Flue Gas

EPIC partnered with Gas Technology Institute (GTI) – a non-profit organization supported by the U.S. Department of Energy – to engineer and fabricate a pilot plant system that tests the process of carbon dioxide removal from flue gas at coal-based power plants. If the technology is proven to be successful at the pilot level, it could be scaled up and implemented at every coal plant in the country. The end result would significantly reduce America’s carbon footprint.

Key project features include:

  • Engineering a continuous process system for an untested technology
  • Developing an alternative regeneration process after the client’s experimental membrane system proved to be unsuccessful
  • Overcoming challenges of compressing saturated flue gas

Using PFD’s for a similar flue gas desulfurization process, this system replaces the typical sulfur absorption unit with a gas-to-liquid membrane absorption system tuned for capturing CO2. See Full Case Study

Advanced Biomass to Liquid Fuel Pilot Skid

We fabricated a custom engineered pilot plant to convert biomass to liquid fuel. In our self-contained process, we skid tested and validated the production feasibility of a multi-stage separation process. The project involved:

  • Industrial feasibility testing
  • Integrated utility systems
  • 12+ sampling points
  • Proprietary technologyscale-up
    • Layout – ensuring all equipment and critical processes are accessible within skid
  • On-going skid modifications as skid was built and tested

We reduced our client’s start-up time through extended testing, protected proprietary technology and eliminated the need for any external site modifications. All while saving our client time & money and ensuring total safety. See Full Case Study

Looking for a process system designed and fabricated to meet your renewable energy requirements? We offer a one-stop shop for expert project management from design through final qualification for projects like CO2 Capture Pilot Plants, Biomass processing systems, and more.  We design, automate and fabricate renewable energy systems in our state-of-the art production facility. Our full capabilities include:

  • Process engineering & design
  • Simulation, 2D & 3D process modeling
  • Automation and controls design & development
  • Budget & timeline development
  • P&ID, PFD, Mass & Energy Balance, General Arrangement, Equipment list, and Process Design Basis development
  • System fabrication & assembly in our state-of-the art shop
  • FAT testing, Quality Assurance certification, and shipment
  • Installation & commissioning services
  • Training and punch-list resolution
  • On-going support services

Learn more about our process system capabilities or our proven design/build method, or Contact EPIC to begin developing you project.

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