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Petrochemicals Plant Construction and Design

Process systems for refineries, power plants, and other petrochemical related industry applications.

EPIC Systems’ team of expert engineers have over 20 years of experience automating and fabricating process applications for the petrochemical and power industries such as: pipe bridges, heat tracing applications and desalting systems. Our off-site fabrication shop helps to minimize OSHA exposure hours and interruptions. EPIC’s engineers can help you increase production and improve safety with practical solutions that meet your budget and timeline.

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Petrochemical Industry Capabilities:

EPIC Systems is a full-service process system engineering firm. We specialize in turnkey design/build services. Our process begins at the design phase and extends to fabrication and installation. Our services can be bundled to fit your specific needs. We have specific expertise in:

  • Process Design
  • Process Engineering
  • Engineering Studies
  • Process Simulation
    • Aspen/HYSYS Simulation
  • General Automation
  • Process Programming
  • Electrical Design
  • Physical System Design
  • Equipment & Instrumentation Selection
  • Fabrication & Assembly
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Field Construction Services

Visit our capabilities section to learn more about the specific services we provide under each of the categories above.

Types of systems we build include:

We build a variety of custom process systems to meet your needs. Typical types of systems are listed below, but we work with many process technologies to build pilot plants, demonstration plants and full sized commercial plants.

  • Distillation columns
  • Solvent recovery rystems
  • Absorption systems
  • Continuous mixing systems
  • Batch mixing and blending systems
  • Batch reactor systems
  • Utility and raw material handling systems
  • Pipe bridges
  • Heat tracing
  • Desalting systems
  • Emulsion systems

Contact an engineer to discuss your particular needs or to get a quote.

Select Petrochemical Case Studies

Design/Build of Safety Shutoff Skids for U.S. Refineries

Industrial SkidsA set of automated safety shut-down skids for refineries were engineered, built and shipped by EPIC Systems, Inc. and Mead O’Brien, Inc. As safety instrumented systems, these industrial skids monitor pipelines and prevent potential accidents from occurring with automated alerts and responses.

Using the process designs developed by Mead O’ Brien, EPIC developed piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and modular skid designs. Over 40 systems are successfully operating in the field today.

Key Features: Downstream pressure monitoring, automated shutoff valves, incoming fuel supply isolation, modular skid fabrication

Absorption System to Remove CO2 from Coal Fired Flue Gas

Complete distillation systemThis pilot plant process is testing an experimental new technology for CO2 removal from power plant flue (or exhaust) gas. The system was designed to test Akermin, Inc.’s new technology by integrating a special enzyme within proprietary, permeable polymer films to create a Biocatalyst Delivery System. The enzyme absorbed CO2 from the flue gas during distillation.

A modular design of the system allowed the distillation plant to be built in a safe and timely manner. The pilot skid was delivered fully operational, and installed with minimal down time for existing operations. It successfully ran for three years at the National Carbon Capture Center.

Key Features: CO2 absorption acceleration for a wide range of amine solvents or salt solutions, CO2 removal efficiency with a minimum of 90 percent removal, modular distillation system, off-site fabrication

Pipe Bridges for Refinery RO Water System

Off-site modular pipe-rack fabrication

EPIC cut project time in half, fabricating over 3500+ feet of piping and modular pipe bridges in a controlled environment. RMD (MIG) welds, GTAW (TIG) welds, and FCAW (Flux Cored) were performed in EPIC’s fabrication shop, away from the hazardous construction site. Modular design and in-shop assembly allowed a parallel project schedule.

The entire pipe bridge was shipped pre-assembled, heat traced in and insulated in a fashion that could be easily installed in the field. The customer provided RO filtration system was designed and housed in movable trailers for easy installation and maintenance. This allowed for faster assembly and onsite installation, reducing cost and allowing the client to improve safety records.

Key Features: Self-regulating electric trace heating system, low-maintenance requirements, pipe freezing prevention



“EPIC did a great job on our modular pipe rack project. EPIC’s project manager was very detailed oriented and provided impressive technical capabilities. There were many areas where EPIC’s project manager was able to add value based upon his experience working on similar modular construction projects.  With EPIC’s open communication, we were able to quickly overcome any obstacle that arose during the project.  Their industry knowledge and experience helped ensure the project was completed in a quality fashion while achieving the project schedule.  I look forward to another opportunity to work with EPIC! ”

– Mark McWhorter, Project Engineer | Phillips 66

“Mead O’Brien is a customer of EPIC Systems for both engineering and skid-mounted fabricated safety systems. Our experience with them over the past several years with recurring projects has been exemplary. The level of detail and professionalism for which they execute their business on our projects, starting with our assigned Project Manager, gives us high confidence regarding all evolution of our project including specification details, code compliance, welding procedures, and a host of other details necessary for refinery installation are all taken into account by their engineers, technicians, and other employees who touch some phase of our orders.

I also know several EPIC engineers and their professional track record from their time previously working for Fortune 500 companies. The proven experience and track record of the company technical employees, not just in years, but in breadth and depth is impressive. Our company has a high trust and confidence level in Epic Systems when we engage them with our business.”

– Steve Huffman, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development | Mead O’Brien

Next Steps:

To get a quote or start designing your custom process system, contact EPIC or talk to one of our engineers: 314-714-1580.

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