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Chemical Process Design

Our team has over 20 years of experience with chemical mixing system design for manufacturing plants. With our offsite fabrication shop, OSHA exposure hours and interruption to your existing chemical blending lines is minimized. EPIC’s process experts help you increase production and improve safety with practical solutions that meet your budget and get completed on-time.

Non-linear increases in surface area to mass, reaction kinetics, fluid dynamics and other parameters chemical dosing skid manufacturers have are addressed during our front-end loading stages. Civil upgrades, plant tie-ins and OSHA exposure are carefully planned. From the design stage through commissioning EPIC delivers a fully tested, chemical mixing equipment that meets your specifications, budget and timeline.

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Project Photos:


“Our collaborative partnership with EPIC enabled us  to deliver a strategically-important project on budget and within a very aggressive timeline. Installation and start-up were completed in a matter of weeks and products made in the EPIC-supplied equipment fully met expectations upon first production.”

– William P., Project Engineer | a global manufacturer of specialty chemical company

“As a plant we have relied on EPIC Systems to be our main resource for process design and to be a project manager on some of the bigger projects.  We like using EPIC since they are very cost effective for the value you get.  When we have dealt with some of the larger Engineering firms, they tend to involve too many disciplines that are not necessarily required.”  With EPIC, we get the Engineer who can handle the job, and we deal directly with him (her). 

We have always had more than qualified Engineers from EPIC that could handle the work.  And over the years we have developed close working relationships with several of their people.  I don’t think you can go wrong with choosing EPIC.” 

– Engineering and Operations Manager | VVF, Illinois Services Company

Automated Chemical Blending System Increases Production and SafetyPolymer batch reaction system

In the process of moving an older chemical batching system, the client decided to upgrade the chemical skid due to aging chemical mixing system equipment and safety concerns. EPIC created a new automatic chemical dosing system that produces various size batches of polymers and was contained in a single mixing chemical skid to fit into a small space at the new facility. The chemical mixing system included manual, vacuum assisted powder additions and automated mixing, batch reacting, and manual storage in 55 gallon drums. Upgrades to the equipment and modern automation increased both production and safety for the client. More..

Key Features: Semi-automated batch reactor system, vacuum assist powder additions, manual bulk storage, chemical mixing equipment

Two Phase Batch Reaction-to-Distillation Chemical Skid

Argo Genesis partnered with EPIC to demonstrate a new asphalt additive making process at a pilot plant scale. EPIC worked with lab data provided by Argo to design and fabricate a two-phase batch-reaction-to-distillation process skid. The process also included a steam injection system and solvent recovery. The new chemical skid produces the biopolymer in 32 working hours, significantly speeding up the testing and development process. The flexible chemical mixing system also allows the customer to test new formulas and provide viability for commercial products.  More..

Key Features: Two phase batch reaction-to-distillation system, scale-up of new technology to working demonstration pilot plant, agitation and pumping systems, highly viscous product, solvent recovery and recycling

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Capabilities for the Chemical Blending Industry

From design to field construction management, we are a full service mixing system engineer, procure, construct company with a focus chemical blending applications. We most often provide turnkey design/build services, where we take a chemical application and we design, fabricate the chemical skid, install the process and start it up for you. However, every client is different, and our services may be bundled according to your needs. Specifically, we have expertise in:

  • Process Engineering
  • Chemical Batching Systems
  • Chemical Mixing Equipment
  • Chemical dosing skid manufacturers
  • Chemical dosing system suppliers
  • Chemical dosing equipment
  • Chemical dosing system manufacturer
  • Engineering Studies
  • Scale Up Capabilities
  • Process Simulation
  • General Automation
  • Process Programming
  • Industrial chemical mixing equipment
  • Chemical dosing unit
  • Electrical Design
  • Physical System Design
  • Equipment & Instrumentation Selection
  • Fabrication & Assembly
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Field Construction Services
  • Chemical Process Skids

Visit our capabilities section to learn more about the specific services we provide under each of the categories above.

Types of chemical mixing systems we build include:

We build a variety of custom process systems to meet your needs. Typical types of systems are listed below, but we work with many process technologies to build pilot plants, demonstration plants and full sized commercial plants.

  • Distillation columns
  • Chemical Mixing equipment
  • Chemical Blending equipment
  • Industrial chemical mixing equipment
  • Chemical dosing system design
  • Solvent Recovery Systems
  • Chemical process skids
  • Mixing chemical skid
  • Mixing Chemical System
  • Automatic chemical dosing system
  • Absorption systems
  • Continuous mixing systems
  • Chemical blending tanks
  • Batch mixing and blending systems
  • Batch reactor systems
  • Chemical Batching Systems
  • Process Intensification Systems
  • Utlity and raw material handling systems
  • CIP systems
  • Pipe bridges

Contact an engineer to discuss your particular needs or to get a quote.

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