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Modular Process Design/Build

Step 7: Plant Start-Up & Commissioning

“I enjoy taking a project through various stages of development, but the best part is seeing the finished product roll of the line for the first time in front of the client,” said Tim McDonald, EPIC Process Automation Specialist.

EPIC’s Engineering Team takes pride in seeing a finished project rolling off the line. EPIC Modular Process Systems will guide the industrial plant startup of your new process skid at your manufacturing facility, in-plant or on-site. We conduct full factory acceptance and functional testing before shipping to the plant.

Upon installation, functional testing is performed again to double check for accurate process operation. Our engineers remain on-site through all aspects of process plant or skid start-up including validation, commissioning, and checkout as well as documentation turnover to key plant personnel.

plant commissioning and startupDocumentation includes:

  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Troubleshooting checklists
  • Component part numbers and specification
  • Recommended spare parts list
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Schematic drawings
  • Control panel layout drawings
  • Fully-documented logic programs

Instrumentation Check Out

Though every project is different, EPIC approaches each process start up with the same goal in mind – delivering a fully tested system operating 100% as specified. For each project, EPIC’s controls and automation group completes a unique check out package where we document all instrumentation and test its functionality in the field.

To achieve this goal, EPIC applies fundamental controls and automation principals to every start up. When checking out process instrumentation during start up EPIC’s engineers check for: proper animation representation on the HMI, open and closed feedback, alarm status, handoff remotes, and appropriate values and units associated with each instrument. Our check out report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Documenting and testing every valve in the system for proper functionality and alarming
  • Documenting and testing all VFD’s for:
  • Documentation and testing of all solenoid valves
  • Documentation and testing of all flow transmitters
  • Testing functionally of all motor starters
  • Documentation and testing of all temperature transmitters
  • Documentation and testing of all level transmitters
  • Documentation and testing of all weight transmitters
  • Completion and client review of all checkout documentation and checkout report

Not only do we perform this testing during startup and commissioning, but we also execute a comprehensive factory acceptance testing period before the module ever leaves our facility. Prior to the FAT, each instrument is inspected and tested before it is installed on the system. These three levels of testing and instrumentation checks, minimize downtime and ensures that the system operates as specified.

Punch List Resolution

At EPIC, we understand that most process manufacturing projects have punch list items that will need to be resolved to declare successful system or plant start-up. If punch list issues arise, EPIC is committed to fully resolving all conflicts discovered during the commissioning process.

System Training:

EPIC Modular Process Systems will train your process operators and plant maintenance personnel to use equipment in the process system. For ease of use and smooth transition upon start-up, EPIC provides complete knowledge of how the process skid works. Even after start-up, EPIC is available for ongoing service and maintenance to keep your manufacturing processes moving forward.

Contact EPIC here or call 314-272-4149 to speak with an engineer about your process engineering and design project.

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