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Modular Process Design/Build

Documents Delivered with Front End Engineering

Depending on the amount of FEE required to accurately quote your project, certain deliverables will be provided along with your quote.

  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Quote Deliverable
  • Refined Quote Deliverables
  • Fixed Bid Quote Deliverables

Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Quote Deliverable

ROM quotes are provided for potential clients who need preliminary pricing for a project that may be happening in the next year. Most ROM quotes are used to budgetary and future project planning. A ROM quote will include:

  • Description of Scope and Boundary Limits
  • +/- 50% ROM Quote
  • Proposal for Front-End Engineering

Refined Quotation Deliverables

  • Refined Estimate +15%/-5%
  • Project Timeline

Project Timeline Example

  • Base P&ID

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

  • Equipment, Instrument and Valve List Based on Budgetary Quotes

Instrument List Sample

Fixed Bid Quote Deliverables

In addition to the refined quote deliverables, potential clients seeking a fixed bid price will receive…

  • Fixed Bid Quote
  • Equipment, Instrumentation and Valve List Based on Specific Details
  • Quotation Peer Review
  • Technical Peer Review



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