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Modular Process Design/Build

Documents Delivered with FEL Project Planning

An example of FEL Project Planning

Depending on the amount of Front End Loading (FEL) project planning required to accurately quote your project, certain deliverables will be provided along with your quote.

  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Quote Deliverable
  • Refined Quote Deliverables (FEL 2)
  • Fixed Bid Quote Deliverables (FEL 3)

FEL Project Planning for FEL 1, FEL 2 and FEL 3

Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Quote Deliverable

ROM quotes are provided for potential clients who need preliminary pricing for a project that may be happening in the next year. Most ROM quotes are used to budgetary and future project planning. A ROM quote will include:

  • Description of Scope and Boundary Limits
  • +/- 50% ROM Quote
  • Proposal for Front End Loading

Refined Quotation Deliverables (FEL 2)

  • Refined Estimate +15%/-5%
  • Project Timeline
  • Base P&ID

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

  • Equipment, Instrument and Valve List Based on Budgetary Quotes

Instrument List Sample

Fixed Bid Quote Deliverables (FEL 3)

In addition to the refined quote (FEL 2) deliverables, potential clients seeking a fixed bid price will receive…

  • Fixed Bid Quote
  • Equipment, Instrumentation and Valve List Based on Specific Details
  • Quotation Peer Review
  • Technical Peer Review

For additional information on what is included at each stage of FEL project planning, view our front end loading project management cheat sheet.


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