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Modular Process Design/Build

Step 4: Automation & Controls Engineering

Developing proper process control systems in the early phases of process skid design is essential to a successful project. EPIC provides the most comprehensive automated process control systems to meet a range of manufacturing goals.

EPIC’s automation engineers select input and output devices in a practical manner based upon suitability of the task for the control system’s objectives. All components and instruments specified by EPIC meet UL, CSA and/or CE requirements.

Controls Capabilities

An EPIC control engineer conducts FAT on an industrial automation system

General Automation Capabilities

  • Automation Design
  • Consulting for Automation Planning
  • Control Panel Fabrication
  • Control system development
  • Controls Integration Services
  • Electrical design
  • Drafting Services
  • MES & SCADA Solutions
  • Plant Floor IT Solutions
  • Robotic Work Cells Integration
  • Safety Engineering

Process Programming Capabilities

  • Process ProgrammingLogic programming
    • PLC Programming
    • PC-base programming
    • DCS programming
    • Operator Interface & HMI Programming
    • HMI Process control consultants
  • Process data collection
  • Process simulation
  • Process instrumentation

Process Control System Considerations

When implemented wisely, automated process control systems can drastically improve plant conditions for workers and reduce the cost of employee insurance by eliminating hazardous tasks.

  • Budget limitations or special conditions
  • Capabilities of mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel working in-plant
  • Functional strategy for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Plant standards that must be followed throughout process automation
  • Preferred logic platform and brand preferences
  • Span of the control system relative to the production process

EPIC is adept at handling the procurement of all controls devices through EPIC’s extensive -Vendor Relationships.  We pass added cost-savings on to our clients.

Through EPIC’s process automation services, manufacturers can enjoy the competitive advantage that quality automation brings to their production processes.

Contact EPIC here or call 314-272-4149 to speak with an engineer about your process engineering and design project.

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