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Process Systems Skid with Intrinsically Safe I/O

EPIC engineered and fabricated an explosion-proof, multi-use batch reaction process systems skid for an innovative polymer-manufacturing company. The system features two high-viscosity batch reactors, positive displacement pumps with a wide range of motor speeds, and intrinsically safe I/O barriers and wiring. This customer benefited from EPIC’s 25+ years of experience in batch process systems and HAZOP.

CLIENT: An Industrial Polymer Manufacturing Company

 INDUSTRY: Raw Material Production


  • Two high-viscosity batch reactors
  • Compact Engineering Design
  • Intrinsically safe I/O barriers and wiring
  • Positive displacement pumps with a wide range of motor speeds
  • Additional XP (explosion proof) hardware including special control boxes, pressure monitors, pipe connections and mechanically-triggered pressure relief valves


The customer needed a system with:

  • High-volume production capabilities, despite limited floor space at the production plant
  • Rotating and mechanical equipment capable of mixing at a wide range of speeds
  • Quality-assured XP fabrication of mechanical and power & controls hardware


A process systems skid sits ready for FAT

By taking a modular design/build approach, EPIC was able to deliver a compact process systems skid capable of producing high volumes of polymer in a constrained production plant space. Because the system was designed, fabricated, programmed and tested offsite, the customer was able to continue their current production operations without interruption. After FAT, EPIC managed the installation, integration and startup of the customer’s new and fully functioning batch reaction module with their current operations.

During the engineering design phase, EPIC’s engineers paid close attention to the rotating equipment specifications. The customer’s process required pump motors with high turn-down capabilities – not only of for mixing the polymer – but also for mixing a cleaning solvent in between batches. EPIC addressed this need by installing positive displacement pumps with motors that could be dialed down slow enough (10% of their normal speed) to mix the thick polymer product and dialed up fast enough (120% of their normal speed) to mix solvent through and clean out the system before each new batch.

With 25+ years of experience safely designing and fabricating industrial process systems, EPIC easily delivered a batch reaction system that is explosion-proof inside and out. The final system features heavy-walled and sealed conduit, along with special fittings that prevent flammable vapors from entering the high voltage electrical equipment.

The panel includes intrinsically safe I/O barriers and blue intrinsically safe wiring to limit spark potential in the low voltage instrumentation wiring. EPIC’s process and mechanical engineers worked in tandem with our in-house team of controls engineers and electricians to eliminate risks once the equipment was installed and started up onsite.



By partnering with EPIC, this customer benefited from:

  • A cohesive, intrinsically safe batch process systems skid that did not interrupt production
  • Reduced costs associated with EPIC’s position as a one-stop-shop for engineering, design, programming and fabrication
  • 25+ years of industrial power and controls engineering expertise

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