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Batch Reactor System Automates Production & Creates Safer Work Environment

Client: Resin Material Manufacturer

Industry: Polymers & Aerospace

Key System Features:

  • Batch polymer reactor system
  • Dual reactors on a single skid design
  • Raw materials handling & ingredient additions
  • Hazardous material handling

Core Challenges:

  • Creating a safer working environment for manual additions and drum filling operations
  • Hazardous & highly flammable ingredients being handled by both humans and automated equipment
  • Duplicating and improving an existing process
  • Process system relocation
  • Space limitations

Solution Summary:

A resin manufacturer needed to move a process from an old plant to a new manufacturing facility. EPIC was approached to duplicate
and upgrade an existing batch reactor system for the new location. Aging equipment had become a safety concern for the client, but the
specific process steps and a space limitation restricted options.

EPIC duplicated and added automation to the polymer making process to make various sized batches of polymers. The system included manual, vacuum assisted powder additions and automated mixing, batch reacting, and manual storage in 55 gallon drums. Each system was contained in a single process skid with two batch reactors, process equipment, instrumentation, piping, heating and cooling systems.

The completed modular batch reactor skid was shipped to the new plant and successfully installed. EPIC was able to design the system to fit into a small footprint at the new location. After successful commissioning and onsite training, EPIC handed the system over to the client.


  • A safer working environment was achieved through equipment upgrades and additional automated safety measures.
  • Production capacity and flexibility were increased through automation and upgraded process equipment

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