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Modular Process Case Studies

Off-Site Pipe Bridge Fabrication Reduces Startup Time

Off-site modular pipe-rack fabricationProject time was cut in half for fabrication of over 3500 total feet of pipe on 800 feet of modular pipe bridge. This approach allowed for the removal of field welding at a construction site which has the potential to create hazardous conditions.

Industrial Pipe Bridges

CLIENT: A Fortune 500 company

INDUSTRY: Utilities




    • Reduced schedule
    • Hazardous construction site
    • Large, complex piping system
    • Budget constraints
    • System requires a low-maintenance set-up
    • Pipes located in an outdoor environment with extreme conditions and could not freeze in cold weather
    • Communication between customer and field contractors



Pipe-rack and pipe bridge designFront-End Engineering

EPIC completed our proprietary Front-End Engineering (FEE) approach from the concept stage of the project to assure the most efficient process and accurate cost quotation. A single project manager was selected to hold all project responsibility and simplify communications between all parties. EPIC’s engineers created an implementation plan that included the following elements:

    • Modular pipe bridge design which included structural engineering and pipe support analysis
    • RMD welding process performed off-site for highly efficient, quality welds in a safe environment
    • Self-regulating heat trace system
    • Off-site modular fabrication of pipe bridges in parallel with on-site civil construction to shorten project timeline
    • Heat trace system and insulation installation before pipe bridge shipment
    • RO water filtration system housed in movable trailers to allow for flexibility and easy installation/maintenance


Modular pipe bridge fabrication and shipping

EPIC’s Proven Solution

EPIC fabricated over 3500+ feet of piping and modular pipe bridges in a controlled environment. RMD (MIG) welds, GTAW (TIG) welds, and FCAW (Flux Cored) were performed in EPIC’s fabrication shop, away from the hazardous construction site. Modular design and in-shop assembly allowed a parallel project schedule. Concrete was poured in the field simultaneously with pipe-rack construction, cutting project completion time in half.

A self-regulating electric trace heating system was selected due to low maintenance requirements and pipe freezing prevention features. The self-regulating heat trace system was installed during pipe bridge assembly, along with the required insulation. Multiple circuits were designed and installed to keep total amps low across the wires.

The entire pipe bridge was shipped pre-assembled, heat traced in and insulated in a fashion that could be easily installed in the field. The customer provided RO filtration system was designed and housed in movable trailers for easy installation and maintenance. This allowed for faster assembly and on-site installation, reducing cost and allowing the client to improve safety records.


    • Reduced costs through value engineering during design efforts
    • Reduced costs from competitor project methods through modular construction of pipe bridges
    • Ensured longevity of the line by using welding and heat trace design best practices
    • Decreased on-site construction hours by performing welds, pipe bridge assembly, heat trace system and thermal insulation offsite before shipment to the field.
    • Decreased over-all project time by fabricating modular pipe bridges off-site in parallel with on-site civil construction
    • Lowered safety risk by transforming a large number of craftsmen hours away from the construction site
    • Simplified communications between customer and contractors by assigning one project manager to oversee entire project



A process design firm helps you design, fabricate and integrate an appropriate process solution that improves your manufacturing process. EPIC believes we can help you “Do It Better” by:

    • Utilizing Front-End Engineering to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development
    • Designing most process systems as modular skids, which often saves time, money and creates a more efficient solution
    • Off-site fabrication which reduces down time, shortens project timelines and increases fabrication quality
    • Applying our plant engineering experience to assist clients in identifying needs, pinpointing objectives and providing the most appropriate manufacturing equipment
    • Maintaining an open door policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering.
    • Imparting a transfer of knowledge (not just basic training) for the systems and equipment we provide
    • Appointing a single point of direct contact during the entirety of the project


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