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Batch Processing Fragrance Systems for International Consumer Product

Client: International Consumer Fragrance Company

Industry: Consumer & Fragrance

Key Engineering Features:

  • Process scale up from lab scale molecular time-release fragrance technology
  • Five batch blending modules working together as one system
  • System designed to encapsulate oils into polymer
  • One clean-in-place (CIP) module system also included
  • System designed to break apart for international container shipment
  • Design, fabrication and delivery of two distinct systems simultaneously; a full commercial level making system and a pilot scale module for testing

Core Challenges:

  • Short time frame with fast design/build schedule
  • Designing modules for efficient breakdown, shipment size restrictions and minimal onsite reassembly
  • International shipping that required modules to fit within ISO containers
  • Molecular level technology required precise blending abilities
  • Design and implementation of abrasion free, low-pulsating, twin screw pumps for formula conservation and integrity

An EPIC Solution:

A consumer fragrance company needed two new multi-skid systems designed, fabricated and delivered to two different international plant locations to produce a new product that was being introduced to the market.

CAD fragrance batch process systemEPIC scaled up the new time-release fragrance technology and fabricated two multi-skid batch blending systems. One including a Clean-in-Place (CIP) module that was installed and integrated at a different location within the client’s facility. The CIP module worked in sync with specific single-flow, self-priming Bornemann Pumps that were integrated on the batch skids to meet sanitary and sterilization qualifications. Using these pumps and other components integrated by one of EPIC’s process project managers, these batch skids were capable of changing out and producing multiple fragrance formulas.

Both systems were designed to fit within limited shipping space, and for simple reconstruction upon arrival at their new location. Prior to shipping, the completed modular batch blending skids were disassembled, securely shipped under ISO container restraints, then successfully reassembled and installed on location. After successful start-up, EPIC demonstrated the new process in full production before fully handing off production to the client.


  • Efficient batch processing systems were delivered to European and Southeast Asian plants on schedule and under budget
  • Systems were commissioned by EPIC’s team and began manufacturing newly developed product on the customer’s schedule
  • Using the new system, the client expanded product capabilities to end-users

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