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Modular Process Case Studies

EPIC Systems Revamps Self-Regulating Electric Heat Trace System

electric heat trace systemElectric Heat Trace Design

EPIC redesigned and implemented an electric heat trace system for a peak power plant to replace an inefficient and failing previous heating system.

CLIENT: Peak Power Plant

INDUSTRY: Utilities


    • Self-regulating electric heat trace system
    • Heat-trace system re-design
    • Circuit re-design


    • Redesigning a pre-installed, faulty self-regulating electric heat trace system
    • Condensation pipes freezing in winter months
    • Previously existing faulty panel and circuit design


Front-end Engineering

EPIC completed is front-end engineering design from the concept stage of the project to assure the most efficient process and accurate
cost quotation. EPIC’s engineers created an implementation plan that included the following elements:

    • Re-design of self-regulating heat trace system
    • Additional circuit and power panel installation

EPIC’s Proven Solution

The peak power plant was unable to come online at critical points during winter months due to frozen condensation pipes essential for the boiler system. The previously installed heat trace system was unable to prevent issues with the challenging conditions and an advanced heat trace system was needed.

EPIC’s project engineers worked with the pre-existing system to redesign and build new power panels to feed power into the pre-existing system correctly and more efficiently. They split existing circuits and built new panels to provide power to new circuits, reducing the total voltage across the complete heat trace system and preventing circuit failure.


    • Reduce cost by upgrading the existing system, rather than installing an entirely new system
    • Eliminated pipe-freezes allowing the plant to operate during winter months
    • Ensured longevity of the line by using heat trace design best practices


EPIC provided expert insight during the design and installation process. Due to EPIC’s experience in the field, EPIC was able to recommend the correct applications and prevent problems before they arose.

The EPIC Difference includes several key features that assure projects success:

    • Front-End Engineering to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development
    • Plant engineering experience that assists clients to identify needs, pinpoint objectives and provide the most appropriate manufacturing equipment for the application
    • Open door client policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies, and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering.
    • Accountability to responsibly manage our clients’ projects from start-to-finish and beyond.
    • A transfer of knowledge (not just a basic training) for the systems and equipment we provide
    • Single point of direct contact during the entirety of the project
    • A state-of-the-art shop which decreases down-time and increases the speed of project completion

Find a solution that is right for your company. Contact EPIC or learn more about heat trace design.

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