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Modular Process Case Studies

EPIC Improves Changeover Time for Makeup Dosing Line



A consumer products company approached EPIC Systems with the need to reduce changeover time on a makeup dosing line with portable parts. 

CLIENT: A Fortune 500 company

INDUSTRY: Consumer Products


    • Integrated control system
    • Portable skid integrated with hot-fill dosing pump
    • Complete and correct individual machine programming and line integration
    • Photo-eye triggered filling system
    • Batch Manufacturing Process



    • Product begins as a solid but must be liquefied to be packaged
    • Tanks filled in separate room then transported to packaging operation
    • Skids must rise to receive makeup mixture
    • Tank agitator motor must be removed from tank for filling
    • Multiple lines running simultaneously require skids to be changed out often



Front-end Engineering

EPIC completed its front-end engineering approach to assure the most efficient process and accurate cost quotation. After reviewing the state of the current packaging line with the client EPIC’s engineers completed a line analysis and created an implementation plan that included the following elements:

    • Portable skid-on-wheels with special motorized system to allow it to rise to correct height for filling
    • Customized dosing system
    • Agitator motor that swings out of the way
    • Photo-eye triggered filling
    • Positive displacement pump to ensure correct volume of product dispensedmake-up-dosing-line


EPIC Systems recommended an efficient option for advanced line automation and machine vision inspection for QA checks.

EPIC’s Proven Solution

EPIC designed, integrated and completely installed a dosing system. A portable skid with a pump and heating capacity receive a solid state makeup product. The tank uses a custom motorized system to rise to the correct height for filling.

The skid is rolled to the packaging line, where it heats the product to become a liquid ready for dosing. A tank agitator mixes the product to ensure the makeup is evenly heated.

As round tins travel down a conveyor, they pass a photo-eye that triggers the dosing pump. A servo motor doses a specific amount of liquid product by spinning at a certain speed. The positive displacement pump releases the specific amount of liquid upon each revolution of the motor.

The tins are filled and they continue down the line to a cooler. Once cooled they are mated with compacts then labeled and boxed for shipment.


    • Decreased change-over time by creating multiple portable skids that could be interchanged with the packaging line
    • Ensured consistency in the amount of makeup dosed using a positive displacement pump and servo system
    • Reduced manual labor required by creating a custom motorized lifting system for the skids.



EPIC provided expert insight during the design, automation and start-up process. Due to EPIC’s experience in the field, EPIC was able to recommend the correct custom parts and prevent problems before they arose.

The EPIC Difference includes several key features that assure a projects success:

    • Front-End Engineering to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development
    • Plant engineering experience that assists clients to identify needs, pinpoint objectives and provide the most appropriate manufacturing equipment for the application
    • Open door client policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering.
    • Accountability to responsibly manage our clients’ projects from start-to-finish and beyond.
    • A transfer of knowledge (not just a basic training) for the systems and equipment we provide
    • Single point of direct contact during the entirety of the project
    • State-of-the-art shop which decreases down-time and increases the speed of project completion


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