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Machinery Fabrication Shortens Project Timeline by 40% over Competition

A client’s machinery fabrication supplier announced an 8-10 month delay on a custom rotating drum, essential to an ongoing project. EPIC was able to design, build and integrate a custom solution in five months, shaving 40% off the projected timeline.    CLIENT: Fortune 500 Company INDUSTRY: AG Chemicals KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: 35,000 lb gas-fed, rotating […]

In-line Blending Skid Adds 20 Flavors at Minimal Cost

    With a limited budget and limited floor space, the client needed to double the flavors mixed in their existing facility. A pre-engineered, field-proven in-line blending skid from EPIC provided a fast, economic solution that allowed the client to drastically expand the product portfolio with minimal equipment additions. Continuous In-Line Blending Systems CLIENT: Fortune 500 Company […]

Innovative Dual Distillation Column Skid Design Enables 91% Ethanol Extraction

A creative two-skids-in-one design allows client to fit a critical distillation system in tight plant footprint. DISTILLATION SYSTEM CLIENT: Fortune 500 Company INDUSTRY: Alternative Energy   KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Two distillation columns, comprised of five spools each, rated for 15psig at 250 degrees Fahrenheit Reflux loops to achieve higher concentrations of ethanol Hot oil system […]

90% CO2 Sequestration from Coal Fired Flue Gas Achieved with Pilot Distillation Column

CO2 was removed from flue gas in a two-step distillation process. A pilot-scale distillation system allowed the client to test various system parameters and prove a new CO2 removal technology DISTILLATION SYSTEM CLIENT: Akermin, Inc. INDUSTRY: Post-Combustion CO2 Capture for Electric Utilities KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Compact Footprint: 51 feet tall, 39,000 pound distillation pilot plant […]

Advanced Pilot Plant Validates Alternative Energy Technology With Automated Production-Level Testing

DEMONSTRATION PLANT/PILOT PLANT A custom engineered pilot plant was fabricated to convert biomass to liquid fuel. The self-contained process skid tested and validated the production feasibility of a multi-stage separation process. CLIENT: Fortune 500 Company INDUSTRY: Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy   KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Multi-stage separation process for alternative energy: biomass to liquid fuel Future technologies […]

Case Study: Turnkey Pilot Plants

Turnkey Pilot Plants EPIC Systems’ engineering team helped the client design a modular ion exchange chemical pilot plant to upgrade a proprietary process to the commercial level. The system was fabricated by EPIC in a short project schedule due to a customer specified timeline. CLIENT: A Fortune 500 company INDUSTRY: Agricultural Products | Chemicals   […]

Complete Industrial Wastewater Treatment System by EPIC

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Effluent Processing EPIC Systems reduced effluent costs for a major consumer products company by designing and installing a complete industrial wastewater treatment system including a DAF and flocculation unit. CLIENT: A Fortune 500 company INDUSTRY: Consumer Products KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Project scope: complete project engineering & design efforts, site civil upgrades, pipe racks and bridges, equipment/instrumentation/specialty procurement, […]

EPIC Systems Revamps Self-Regulating Electric Heat Trace System

Electric Heat Trace Design EPIC redesigned and implemented an electric heat trace system for a peak power plant to replace an inefficient and failing previous heating system. CLIENT: Peak Power Plant INDUSTRY: Utilities KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Self-regulating electric heat trace system Heat-trace system re-design Circuit re-design   CORE CHALLENGES: Redesigning a pre-installed, faulty self-regulating electric […]

Off-Site Modular Pipe Bridge Fabrication Reduces Project Time 50%, Decreases Risks

Project time was cut in half for fabrication of over 3500 total feet of pipe on 800 feet of modular pipe bridge. This approach allowed for the removal of field welding at a construction site which has the potential to create hazardous conditions. Industrial Pipe Bridges CLIENT: A Fortune 500 company INDUSTRY: Utilities KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Self-regulating heat trace […]

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