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Modular Process Systems Case Studies

Modular process systems get moved with a fork lift in EPIC's shopEPIC Modular Process Systems

EPIC has been designing and building modular process systems in St. Louis, Missouri since 1995. We’ve worked with a wide scope of process system types and sizes, including pilot plants, demonstration plants and full-scale commercial plants. Look through our portfolio below and click to read a case study that is relevant to your process systems needs. Included below are:

  • Production Plant & Commercial Plant Case Studies
  • Pilot Plant & Demonstration Plan Case Studies
  • Continuous Process Systems Case Studies
  • Batch Reactor and Batch Mixing Case Studies
  • Separation and Industrial Distillation Case Studies

Production Plant & Commercial Plant Case Studies

An EPIC craftsman logs an orbital weld while a HWI weld inspector watches

Hygienic Process System Design & Fabrication


Client: Multinational Pharma Co.
Industry: Diabetes and Obesity Meds

A modular plant design example of a skid post-installation

Full Deodorant Process Plant Design


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Consumer Products

EPIC builds modular process systems in an isolated shop

Process System Easily Beats Deadline


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Agricultural Chemicals

A pair of EPIC process engineers oversee installation of a modular food processing plant

Food Plant Expansion Modular Build


Client: Int’l Food Products Mfg
Industry: Food & Beverage

Pilot Plant & Demonstration Plant Case Studies


90% CO2 Sequestration with Pilot Scale System


Client: Akermin, Inc.
Industry: Electric Utilities


Versatile Two-Phase Pilot Distillation Skid


Client: Argo Genesis
Industry: Agribusiness

An EPIC modular process skid example sits in the fabrication shop

Chemical Pilot Plant with Batch Reactor System


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Agri Products | Chemicals

A biomass to liquid fuel system after startup

Advanced Pilot Plant Validates Alternative Energy


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Oil/Gas/Alternative Energy

Continuous Process System Case Studies

A line operator configures an inline blending system

In-Line Blending Skid Adds 20 Flavors at Minimal Cost


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Consumer Products

continuous process skid

Custom-Designed System Chemically Treats Seed


Client: Top Agricultural Company
Industry: Agricultural Chemicals

Batch Reactor and Batch Mixing System Case Studies


Int’l Consumer Fragrance Batch Processing Systems

Client: Int’l Fragrance Company
Industry: Consumer & Fragrance


Process Systems Skid with Intrinsically Safe I/O

Client: Industrial Polymer Mfg Co.
Industry: Raw Material Production

Polymer Batch Reactor Module Web.jpg

Batch Reactor System Automates Production

Resin Material Manufacturer
Industry: Polymers & Aerospace

A consumer product mixed using a batch mixing system

Complex Automation & Batch Mixing System

Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Consumer Products

automated dosing system

Blending System Allows Client to Be First to Market


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Consumer Products


Dual Continuous & True Batch Control System

Client: Fortune 500 Chemical Plant
Industry: Automotive Components


Improved Makeup Dosing Line Changeover Time


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Consumer Products

An Apeel engineer conducts FAT on new powder liquid blending systems

Liquid Blending Systems for Edible Powder Mix


Client: Biotechnology Company
Industry: Food & Beverage

Separation and Industrial Distillation System Case Studies


Pilot Plant Enables Test for Carbon Dioxide Removal


Client: Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
Industry: Energy

shipping distillation skid

Skid Design Enables 91% Ethanol Extraction


Client: Fortune 500 Company
Industry: Alternative Energy

The split-level modular design of this vacuum distillation system allowed for easy disassembly for shipping and re-assembly for startup.

Vacuum Distillation Column Design Scale Up


Client: Liquid Flavors Manufacturer
Industry: Food & Beverage

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