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Process Unit Operations

Pilot Reactor Systems

Choosing the correct pilot reactor technology and equipment sizes for your process system is vital. If the reaction rate occurs to fast or too slow, too hot or cold or the proper kinetics are not achieved, your production rates and the quality of your product are at stake. Let EPIC’s chemical process experts help you select the best reactor vessel for your modular process system.

Important factors: There are many important factors that affect reactions. Vessel size, fluid velocity, reaction kinetics, these all weighReactor System into reactors design and selection. EPIC’s expert process chemical engineers will work with your specific product to specify the important factors for reaction vessel selection, including:

  • Reaction kinetics
  • Rate of reaction
    • Temperature effects
    • Concentration of moles
      • Partial pressure
      • Mole fraction
  • Stoichiometric balances
  • Diffusion between phases
  • Catalysis
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Material and energy balances
  • Steady states
  • Direction of flow

View a gallery of some of our reactor integration experience.

Batch Reactors

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Continuous Reactors

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Reactors are used in a variety of common applications that EPIC builds, including:

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