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Process Unit Operations

Unit Operations

Uniting major processing steps into a complete, production style system requires an experienced manufacturing integrator. Equipment sizing, material flow, reaction control and many other factors must be carefully designed for.

EPIC has over twenty years of experience designing and building process systems that expertly integrate unit operations and unit processes into fully functioning, production level process systems.

The most common unit operations and associated equipment that we work with include:

Mixing & Blending

Mixing & Blending

The quality of your final product depends on how well it is mixed. EPIC’s process experts can help you select the correct equipment for your making process, even customizing your mixer to complete additional steps (i.e. drying, coating, etc.) while mixing. View our gallery of mixing systems to see integrated mixing and blending systems EPIC has designed and installed.

Mixing and Blending Applications:Process Mixing System

• Mixing
• Blending
• Emulsion
• Suspension
• Dispersion

Examples of mixing equipment integrated by EPIC:

  • Batch mixers:
    • Helical blade
    • Screw-discharge mixers
    • Intensive mixers
    • Bulk blenders
  • Continuous mixers:
    • Single screw mixers
    • Static mixers
    • Farrel continuous mixers
    • Twin-screw extruders
  • Other:
    • Horizontal drums
    • Vertical screw mixers
    • Ribbon mixers
    • Tumblers



Your product quality and production rates are at stake if the correct reactor is not selected. Important factors include vessel size, fluid velocity, reaction kinetics, etc.; EPIC will thoroughly map your process requirements before selecting the appropriate reactor for your system. View our gallery of modular process systems with reactors to see select examples of our work with the reactor unit operation or contact an engineer today to start designing your system.

Some common reactors EPIC has worked with:

  • Batch Reactors
  • Continuous Reactors
    • Continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR reactors)
    • Fluidized bed reactors (FBR reactors)
    • Fixed bed reactors


Separation & Purification

Distillation ColumnWhat phases are you trying to separate? What do you need to recover, and at what rates, from the separation process? EPIC will explore in detail your process conditions, system goals, and purity requirements before selecting the optimal separation/purification equipment. View a gallery of select separation systems we have integrated, or contact an engineer today to start discussing your process specifications.

Common separation processes and equipment include:

  • Absorption/stripping
    • Packed columns
    • Tray columns
  • Precipitation
    • Induction coils
    • Resistance heaters
  • Distillation
    • Flash
    • Steady-state
    • Batch distillation
    • Vacuum distillation
  • Extraction
    • Electrical extractors
    • Unagitated columns
    • Pulsed columns
    • Reciprocating contactors
  • Mechanical separation
    • Sedimentation
    • Thickening
    • Clarification



Removing liquids from solids is a common processing step and can be achieved by four main process operations. Direct and indirect drying are the most common applications. Learn more about drying options on our drying page.

  • Direct drying
  • Indirect drying
  • Radiant-heat drying
  • Dielectric-heat drying

Examples of common drying equipment and applications that we integrate include:

Continuous drying equipment:

  • Rotary dryers
  • Drum dryers
  • Spray dryers
  • Tray/conveyor dryers
  • Fluid beds
  • View more continuous drying equipment

Batch drying equipment:

  • Fluid beds
  • Vacuum rotary/tray dryers
  • Freeze dryers
  • Tray & compartment dryers
  • Through-circulation dryers
  • View more batch drying equipment



Reduction or enlargement of your products requires an integrator with intimate knowledge of particle size distribution, grindability and bulk density properties. To learn more about sizing equipment EPIC has integrated into process systems, contact an expert process engineer today.

Common Size Reduction Equipment

  • Shredders
  • Jaw crushers
  • Mills
  • Roll crushers
  • High-speed-peripheral mills

Common Enlargement equiptment

  • Centrifugal granulators
  • Tumbling granulators
  • High-shear mixers
  • Spray drying
  • Pressure compactors

Heat Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer

EPIC is experienced at designing for heat transfer, modeling heat and mass transfer, developing material balances and integrating appropriate equipment. To learn more about heat transfer systems we have installed on process systems, contact an engineer today to start discussing your heat transfer needs.

Common heat transfer methods:

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

Examples of heat transfer equipment:

  • Condensers
  • Reboilers
  • Evaporators
  • Heating and cooling vessels
  • Air cooled heat exchangers

Transportation & storage

Transportation & storage

Flow rate, mix and fill rates are subject to how well your transport and storage equipment is integrated into the complete process system. Process materials flowing through a system are being transported by a combination of piping, instrumentation, valves and tanks. EPIC’s expertise in system integration is in design, integration and automation of product transport systems. For examples of past work, contact an engineer today to start designing your modular process system.

Categories of transport equipment:

  • Instrumentation (flow measurement)
  • Pumps
  • Process piping
    • Joints
    • Fittings
    • Valves
  • Storage and process vessels
    • Pressure vessels

Contact EPIC today to start connecting your unit operations requirements into a fully developed process system or scan through the common types of modular process systems we build.

Complete Systems from Unit Operations

Spray Dryer SystemYour unique set of unit operations will be integrated by our experts into a complete modular process system using EPIC’s turnkey process. We develop custom solutions for every client, but most systems we develop fall into one of the following categories:

Contact an EPIC engineer today to start developing your modular process system.

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