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Modular Process Capabilities

Process Control Programming


Process Control Programming

EPIC hires the best automation programmers with a wide range of control system platform knowledge. Our experienced team programs systems operating in real time, while maintaining communication with operators and other production machinery. Our in-house automation engineers consider all necessary details required to program logic that fits with your existing platforms and manufacturing processes.

Our process control engineers are experienced with the following types of industrial programming: 

DCS Programming

DCS Applications Include:

  • Cascading
  • Custom parameters
  • Feed-forward
  • High-computational loads

EPIC’s DCS Brand Expertise Includes:

  • Fisher Delta V
  • Honeywell TDC 3000
  • ABB
  • Siemens Series 7

EPIC can program distributed control systems (DCS) for challenging process systems. We understand your comprehensive manufacturing needs. Whether your process requires a continuation of loop execution to protect against host processor failure, or if the process contains numerous complex algorithms beyond simple negative feedback.

Continuous manufacturing processes can be highly compound in nature. For large-scale systems, a higher level of automatic control beyond a standard PLC is needed. Distributed control systems, or a DCS, can be implemented to fit with your process standards and your existing DCS brand platforms.

Logic Programming

EPIC’s engineers work with you to develop logic programming with correct inputs, outputs and a successful sequence of events

Logic programs that follow consistent practices and standards facilitate easier plant start-up and seamless troubleshooting after commissioning. We create program logic architecture to serve as the detailed code foundation for subsequent process systems to follow. Our reliable logic programming ensures the longevity of your process system’s self-regulating function.

All logic programming by EPIC is fully documented with abundant use of explanatory rung and subroutine descriptions. Consistent and thorough use of device descriptors is incorporated throughout, to provide clear programming-related data during production.

Operator Interface Programming

EPICs Operator Interface programming for your modular process system can include a small LCD display or a more robust PC-Based system.


EPICs Operator Interface programming for your modular process system can include a small LCD display or a more robust PC-Based system.

  • Alarm handling
  • Data logging
  • Product inspection
  • Production changeover
  • Product parameter management
  • Quality assurance


  • Intellution
  • Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley)
    • RSView
    • PanelView
  • Wonderware Intouch
  • Plus More…

We approach operator interface programming with a value engineering approach, to provide interface solutions that are consistent. Our final system is simplified to best meet your manufacturing goals.

EPIC’s Efficient Approach means:

  • Alarm and alert indications are masked until conditions exist
  • Color conventions are applied consistently
  • Graphics are kept simple
  • Logical navigation and hierarchy
  • Screen clutter is minimized
  • Template consistency
  • Trending, pointing and zooming capabilities

We ensure that you can change and configure your process skids’ own operational functions to meet your needs or cycle time. EPIC provides ease of configuration for your plant operators, allowing them to control entire systems with or without the use of passwords based on your accessibility preferences.

PC-Based Programming

EPIC provides logic programming via any of the available soft PLC products on the market. Our approach varies, depending on your existing brand preferences and plant manufacturing standards.


  • C++
  • C Sharp
  • National Instruments Labview
  • Triconics
  • Visual Basic

EPIC’s PC-Based Programming Can Incorporate:

  • Operator Interface Programming
  • Alarm Handling
  • Process Simulation
  • Process Changeover
  • Process Data Collection
  • 10,000+ recipes job storage
  • Trending
  • Multiple control access points
  • Report generation
  • Customized panel matching (can emulate other control templates reducing orientation for press operation and seamless transfer)
  • Onscreen PID tuning
  • Multilevel security password protection
  • E-mail alarm & alerts
  • Networking to LAN system
  • Text message, e-mail or smart phone press control
  • Recipe loading and storage
  • Alarm status and report queries
  • Fingerprint ID security with multilevel access tiers
  • Self diagnostic programming (system and parts) for quality control
  • Vision system part inspection
  • Plus more…

In addition, EPIC can develop complex calculations and data handling functions in low level program environments. We develop the best programming solutions for even the most challenging PC-based process applications.

PLC Programming

PLC programming is one of the most flexible, popular and cost-effective programming solutions for controlling intricate process manufacturing systems.


  • Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation):
    • ControlLogix
    • CompactLogix
    • SLC 500
    • MicroLogix
    • PLC-1
    • PLC-5
  • General Electric
  • Mitsubishi
  • Modicon
  • Contact an EPIC Engineer for other brand platforms

Common Features of PLC-based systems include:

  • Multiple Job Storage
  • Serial Communications
  • Safety Alarms
  • Password Protection
  • Integration of controls through Auxiliary Equipment
  • Language Options
  • Data Collection
  • Graphical & Report Trending
  • Expandable Memory
  • Ethernet communications
  • Diagnostic Control
  • Production Rates
  • Plus more…

EPIC programs user interface platforms for the complexities and skill level most appropriate for your in-plant workers. We balance this feature with your operational requirements to simplify your system with only the “bells and whistles” required to succeed.

EPIC’s automation engineers work on the programming language while the skid is being fabricated in our plant, to achieve maximum efficiency. Upon completed assembly, programmed controls are tested for function and factory acceptance.

Documentation and training manuals are provided with your process application, allowing maintenance personnel and operators to effectively interact with the system and its programming language.

EPIC Modular Process Systems will work with you to understand all necessary inputs, outputs, and logic that go into your production process. Our knowledge of proper migration paths allow us to recommend the most efficient strategy for PLC implementation to meet your manufacturing goals.

Look to EPIC Modular Process Systems as your partner for fully reliable PLC programming services for your process manufacturing applications. Using our many years of plant expertise, we deliver successful, self-regulating manufacturing skids and systems that often function better than the original specification.

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