Modular Process Capabilities

Process Programming

Engineer works on Process AutomationProgramming

Process programming has evolved to be increasingly complex with a wide range of platforms and new automation techniques. Finding the right integrator with programming expertise is essential to a successful project.  The EPIC Automation Team effectively programs and upgrades control systems for a wide range of design/ build projects. We follow a practical approach to process automation and implement the technique for faster production throughput, improved product quality, consistency, and reduced overall production costs.

Our capabilities range from PLC programming, instrumentation design, and electrical design to the complete automation of new plants and process system skids. EPIC’s controls engineers can automate even the most complex process manufacturing applications.

  • DCS Programming
  • Logic Programming
  • Operator Interface Programming
  • PC Based Programming
  • PLC Programming

Process Data Collection

EPIC collects and applies process data and chemical process technology at all levels in-plant. EPIC’s engineers understand how to log key process data parameters to develop comprehensive solutions based upon your needs.

EPIC configures data collection to log key statistics including:

  • Inventory management
  • Operational and production-related information
  • Overall effectiveness of equipment (OEE)
  • Product tracking
  • Quality assurance
  • Scheduling

All objective-based information is harvested from your process control skid and exported in real-time to production monitoring systems, including custom ERP packages.

EPIC’s process control systems allow you to make changes to set up parameters directly from your supervisory scheduling system.

Real Time Data Can Be Exported To:

  • Custom applications
  • MES or SAP systems
  • QA Systems
  • Relational databases including Oracle and SQL Servers
  • Upper-level reporting systems

Data security is important in the production process. EPIC implements backup strategies to ensure you have the information you need to make crucial business decisions.  EPIC helps you access data to make decisions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and decrease production downtime.

Process Simulation

Process simulation uncovers the most favorable conditions for an examined process. It guards against the use of improper strategies, and ensures the correct equipment is selected, saving time and money.

Our engineers conduct industrial process simulation for highly complex chemical processes. They have thorough knowledge of chemical and physical properties to meet your objectives for process system and skid efficiency.

EPIC’S Technical Process Simulation Models Include:

  • Caloric data
  • Chemical reactions and kinetics
  • Distillation column characteristics
  • Equations and correlation experimental data
  • Environmental information
  • Vapor pressures
  • Predictive means where properties are anticipated
  • Properties of reactors
  • Pump specifications
  • Safety data
  • Viscosities

Process simulation can be completed for processes with multifaceted separations or reaction kinetics.  EPIC primarily uses Aspen and MATLAB software programs. In addition to technical process simulation, EPIC is able to facilitate lab scale or pilot scale testing, prior to proceeding with production plant design.

Process Instrumentation

PLC, DCS or custom control system integration for automation and data collection from process instrumentation is a vital expertise at EPIC. Designed to meet your needs and fit your preferences, EPIC can integrate the following:

  • Brix
  • Color
  • Concentration
  • Conductivity
  • Density
  • Dew-point
  • Flow
  • Humidity
  • Infrared or ultraviolet spectral response
  • Level Measurement
  • ORP
  • pH
  • Position
  • Pressure
  • Refractory index
  • Reserve alkalinity
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Vacuum
  • Weight

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