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Modular Process Capabilities

Modular Plant Construction

EPIC's engineers manage a modular plant construction projectEPIC Modular Plant Construction Services Overview

Coordinating multiple project teams is a headache. We make sure you don’t have to worry about dealing with modular plant construction management while we are designing and building your process systems. We take complete responsibility for all site engineering, procurement and construction, including civil engineering design, on-site construction, system installation and utility installation.

We develop bid packages you approve, and select sub-contractors from our pool of stringently vetted & approved subs. Our team provides expert oversight of all modular plant construction activities. One project manager for you to communicate with, one cohesive team.

As one of the leading industrial and chemical engineering and construction companies in the mid-west, EPIC provides modular plant construction services for:

  • New or greenfield facilities and new buildings/expansions at existing sites
  • Containment structures
  • Support platforms and mezzanines
  • Installation of new utilities (including trenching and groundwork)
  • Relocation or reconfiguration of existing facilities
  • Roof penetration and repair for system installation or reconfiguration
  • Control room and automated system installment
  • HVAC installations, upgrades or improvements
  • Improvements to site grading and drainage
  • New trench drain installation with all required ancillary work
  • Classified area installation, upgrades or reconfigurations

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Engineering Capabilities

EPIC provides engineering and procurement services for industrial chemical, consumer products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing clients. How your system is designed and built will affect long-term ROI and your ability to be successful as a manufacturer.  Our plant engineers will complete a physical system design that balances your processing needs with footprint, cost, speed and output.

Our EPC design build services include:

  • 2D & 3D modeling and simulation
  • Applied mathematical models
  • Concept development
  • Drawing development
  • Equipment selection & layout
  • Fininte Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Heat transfer
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Material balances
  • Material compatibility/corrosion engineering
  • Micro-susceptible process design
  • Modeling/simulation
  • P&ID development
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s)
  • Process simulation
  • Sanitary system design

From design and engineering, we follow the steps in our proven turnkey design build method.

Design/Build Process

Our proven design build methods take your manufacturing systems from concept to commissioning. Each system we build begins as your idea, and must be carefully integrated to achieve your goals, without exceeding your budget. EPIC’s turnkey design build construction process includes the following steps:

  • Concept development
  • Front-end engineering & quoting
  • Process system design
  • Equipment & instrumentation procurement
  • Process control engineering
  • Modular fabrication & assembly
  • System installation
  • Startup & Commissioning

Contact EPIC if you are ready to start engineering, procuring, and constructing your plant.


Our engineeering select equipment to provide the best value of the life of your manufacturing plant. We keep equipment costs low by maintaining vendor neutrality; we are not a partner-distributor for specified machinery, parts, or other equipment. From working with process equipment on the plant floor, we understand what parts and components work best to meet specific objectives. We select equipment based on operational criteria, such as:

  • Suitability to task
  • Compatibility with chemicals
  • Simple function
  • Throughput capability
  • Brand and equipment reputation
  • Long-term ease of maintenance
  • Operational history

When commercially available, standard, pre-assembled equipment is first-specified to meet client needs. If an equipment piece does not exist to meet a need, EPIC designs custom process machinery for seamless integration into the plant or process skid.

Upon final approval of the process system design, long-lead parts are ordered to keep skid completion on target. EPIC maintains all vendor correspondence from placing orders to part delivery.

Modular Plant Construction Capabilities

EPIC’s team of in-house craftsmen and stringently vetted subcontractors provide the following services for site construction:

  • Surface area grounds work, including: excavation, grading, compaction and drainage
    • Ditching
    • Erosion control
    • Fine finish grading
    • General site preparation
    • Ground compaction
    • Retaining wallsengineering procurement services by EPIC Systems Inc
    • Soil stabilization
    • Tamping for driveway and road construction
  • Concrete services, including:
    • Concrete finishing
    • Containment structures
    • Ditching, trenching and rebar work
    • Drainage systems
    • Driveways and roadways
    • Foundations
    • Reinforced roof slabs
    • Retaining walls
    • Sealing and weatherproofing
    • Support platforms
  • Site improvements
    • Facility improvements
    • Finish and aesthetic work
    • Industrial engineering
    • Installation of pre-fabricated, mechanical equipment, machines and hardware
    • Fabrication
    • Modifications to plant facilities or infrastructure
    • Process piping
    • Rigging and crane work
    • Structural construction
    • Utility piping
  • Controls & Automation
    • Conduit and power distribution installation/upgrades
    • Control room and automated system installment
    • Link in-feed and out-feed equipment installation
    • Quality control improvements
  • process system installed at manufacturing plant by EPICHVAC, Utilities, & Environment:
    • Heated air furnace, dusting, and exhaust systems
    • Insulation
    • Piping preparation and underground utilities installation
    • Positive air filling rooms
    • Sounds containment (i.e. insulated metal panel enclosure)
    • Utilities installation
    • Workflow reconfiguration & optimization, including redline rooms, control rooms, break rooms, etc.
  • Process & Packaging System Installation
    • Adjustments in power distribution
    • Changes to power distribution panels
    • Control processor compatibility
    • Coordination of site installation
    • Handshakes with other machinery
    • Lift plans
    • Modifications to motor control centers
    • Plant system engineering, including: communication set-up between process equipment and ancillary equipment
    • Punch list resolution
    • Shipping and unloading
    • Structural modifications
    • System training
  • Continuing support

Site Management Process

Every construction project with EPIC begins with the creation of a master schedule that optimizes the use of resources and subcontractors so you aren’t paying for downtime. Equipment, materials and system lead times are mapped out, along with civil site improvements, utility upgrades and construction improvements.

From there, we develop the following:

  • Planning boards that guide short-term and long-term priorities for all contractors and subcontractors
  • Engineering & Operations project blueprints that analyze the following in detail:Industrial EPC company in St. Louis MO
    • Work task sequential steps
    • Minimum Work Zone Expectations (MWE’s)
    • Required resources
    • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
    • Make Certain List (minimum) and/or a complete Operation Plan
  • Weekly work plans that map out activities each week, including:
    • Critical path activities
    • Execution ready steps
    • Minimum MWE’s
  • Workable backlog lists
  • On-site chain-of-command and meeting schedules, including safety meetings and checks
  • Job quality and cost monitoring reports to be updated daily

Our comprehensive planning and execution process makes sure your job stays on track and is safely executed. Please contact EPIC today to discuss your project and how our design build team can help you.


We prioritize safety while working at your facility. Our field crews complete OSHA safety training. They follow FDA, ASME, and AWS guidelines along with any client imposed specifications. We provide our clients with an OSHA Form 300/300A filled out by EPIC and our EMR upon request.

All on-site construction personnel are required to take our safety training before starting on a site. We conduct daily safety reviews during all projects, and on-going trainings and check-ins. Field personnel are regularly screened for substances that could inhibit the practice of safe construction management.

Please contact EPIC today to discuss your project and how our design build team can help you.

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