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Modular Process Capabilities

Top Process Skid Fabricator

In house shop construction makes EPIC one of the top process skid fabricator’s in the U.S.  It helps assure greater quality control and more efficient use of man-hours. Adverse weather and site conditions are not a factor because preassembly is completed inside.

In our state-of-the-art facilities, EPIC’s skilled modular skid fabricators build process skids to strict FDA, ASME, AWS and client imposed specifications.

EPIC routinely builds large modular process systems in our fabrication plant which features high-clearance ceilings and loading dock doors.

Skid fabricator capabilities include:

  • Carbon-steel
  • Electrical development, wiring and testing
  • FAT testing
  • Frame fabrication
  • Green tags
  • Instrumentation installation
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Non-carbon steel
  • Painting
  • Pipe fitting, bending and installation
  • Pressure vessel fabrication
  • Sanitary fabrication
  • Sheet metal
  • Structural fabrication
  • Tooling
  • Tubing fitting, bending and installation
  • Welding

Sanitary Projects

Welding in Fabrication PlantEPIC has separate facilities and tool sets for projects involving carbon steel or sanitary systems. No cross-contamination occurs between environments. EPIC is equipped with an orbital welder for sanitary piping projects.

Our sanitary system capabilities include:

  • Zero dead leg piping design
  • Internal finish polish specification
  • Slope-to-low point drain piping design
  • Specification of sanitary components (valves, regulators, sample valves, pumps, tanks, etc.)
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system design
  • High temperature sanitization system design

Electrical Panels

EPIC designs, fabricates and wires all electrical panels and components in-house in our panel shop. Electrical design is also completed in-house.

Welding for Structural and Piping Projects

Our welding staff is fully equipped to complete a wide variety of welding and piping projects, including: projects involving carbon steel, sanitary piping, aluminum and Hastelloys.

Custom Projects

Most projects completed in our plant are custom projects. Our experienced plant staff, quality control manager, shop foreman and engineering project managers work together on every custom project to ensure success. All projects completed in the EPIC fabrication plant leave fully assembled, tested and ready for on-site installation.

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