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Modular Process Capabilities

Industrial Process Design

EPIC has both Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS licensed in-house. Our industrial process design scale-up experts use this software to take bench scale data and simulate a pilot plant, demonstration plant or full scale production. These simulations allow our team to validate your process technology before executing any detailed engineering work.

            The main uses of Aspen simulation for our clients include:

  1. Process Scale Up & Scale Down

We are able to take bench scale data and produce a full scale pilot plant. Preliminary data is simulated at a pilot or demonstration scale, and proven processes can be simulated at full production rates.

We can also go in the opposite direction. We can take a production level process system, and scale it down to a pilot plant or demonstration plant.

  1. Experimental Data Validation Reaction Profile

Do you need to validate your experimental data as a feasible process? Using Aspen Plus or Aspen HYSYS we can verify whether your data fits the expected process reaction curve at larger volumes, calculate energy in the system, and determine reaction constants. These data validation techniques will help us determine if your chemical process can be safely and feasibly re-produced at larger scale within the parameters of process system.

  1. Process Optimization

Using the Aspen technology we are able to determine if an existing process is running at an optimal level. We analyze all aspects of the process to see where improvements can be made that ultimately save you time and money. Using the simulation packages, these system improvements are found and implemented before any investment in physical equipment is required.

  1. Multiple Unit Operations Process Simulation IFF-1000-TILB-MECH MODEL

We are experts in a wide variety of unit operations, including distillation, absorption, stripping, reaction, crystallization, and refining processes. We can validate, design, and optimize many different process simulations quickly and efficiently with our in-house AspenTech simulations.

Through thorough simulation, our process scale-up experts are able to define problems with processes early in the engineering effort. This results in accurately quoted jobs up front and more streamlined effort from design to functioning pilot plant or commercial system. To learn more about your specific process technology click here to get in touch with one of our process engineers.

EPIC Modular Process Systems
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