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The Giving Tree: An Uplifting Experience

Presents for OASIS International FamilyOne of the most fulfilling experiences we’ve had this holiday season was partnering with OASIS International to welcome a refugee family to St. Louis, Missouri. With the help of OASIS, we were able to provide warm clothes, toys and living essentials to a family that recently moved here from the Congo, with their nine children, including a newborn.

OASIS International is a Christian organization that helps refugees immigrate to America and build relationships in their new community. OASIS facilitated 108 refugee families receiving visits and Christmas gifts from American families and organization in 2015.

EPIC employees pitched in by taking gift suggestions of the tree in our front lobby and buying items the family needed over the course of a few weeks. Then, on December 22nd, we delivered the items to the family. We were excited to deliver joy in the holiday season and the family was very excited to get all the items. Upon their invitation, the EPIC delivery crew and the family took a moment to pray together over the blessings we all have.

Thank you to OASIS International for helping us find such a great family to welcome to Saint Louis, and thank you to our new friends for being such great people.






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