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Pilot Plant Cost Factors

biofuel pilot plantEPIC is your one stop shop for pilot plant design, fabrication, integration, and word has gotten out. We have been experiencing an increased amount of inquiry’s with questions around our pilot plant capabilities and the cost associated with pilot plants. In response to the recent increases we’ve developed a few new resources to help iron out some of those preliminary questions.

The first is a revamped FAQ page that answers some of the most common questions about the steps associated with designing and building a pilot plant, and it also scratches the surface of the cost associated with pilot plants. The second new resource is a more in depth break down of the cost associated with pilot plants, and also the factors that will increase the cost of your pilot plant. That can be found on Pulse.

You can also find basic pilot plant information on our Pilot Plant page. If you have specific questions regarding your pilot plant application, give us a call 314-845-0077  or directly contact our process design engineer here.

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